Where does Adam Ezra live?

In May, he and his wife traded Massachusetts for the Mojave, setting up a temporary home base in a cabin outside Joshua Tree, where Ezra would continue to stream daily from the desert.

Who is Adam Ezra married to?

Alley Welsh
Born in Corning, N.Y., and raised in Wayland, Ezra lives in Chelsea with his fiance, Alley Welsh, a cancer biologist and artist.

What kind of music is Adam Ezra?

Adam Ben Ezra
Genres Modern Jazz, World Music, Rock
Occupation(s) Double Bassist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Educator
Instruments Double Bass, Piano, Oud, Cajon, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Flute.
Years active 2000-present

Where is the Adam Ezra Group from?

Adam Ezra Group is in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

Who is Ezra group?

Ezra Group provides technology and strategy solutions to the wealth management industry. Broker-dealers, banks, asset managers, RIAs, and technology vendors turn to us for specialized industry expertise to optimize their platforms, processes, and products and supercharge business growth.

Does Boston still perform?

Boston is an American rock band hailing from the city of the same name! Still performing to this day, they head out the Hyper Space Tour of the US in spring and summer 2017, with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts – get your tickets below!

What kind of music does Adam Ben Ezra play?

Adam Ben Ezra ( Hebrew: אדם בן עזרא ‎; born December 18, 1982 in Tel Aviv, Israel) is an Israeli self-taught multi-instrumentalist, composer and educator, known for his Double Bass performances.

What does Adam Ezra do for a living?

Ezra, who known for playing barefoot, focuses on community and the belief that “making music together is itself a form of grassroots organizing, capable of nothing less than changing the world.” They have used their grassroots organizing to raise money for cancer patients and for families of wounded veterans.

Who are the members of the Adam Ezra group?

The band’s live show is now legendary. Adam and the group ignite the stage with a captivating charisma that has often been compared to that of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

When was Adam Ezra forced off the road?

Adam Ezra felt alone. It was March of 2020, and as the COVID-19 pandemic began tightening its deadly grip across the United States, the roots rock stalwart found himself forced off the road for the first time in years, stuck at home with a calendar full of cancelled tour dates and no one to perform for.