Where does the Catalan independence movement come from?

The Catalan independence movement ( Catalan: independentisme català; Spanish: independentismo catalán) is a social and political movement with roots in Catalan nationalism, which seeks the independence of Catalonia from Spain and, by extension, the independence of North Catalonia from France and that of other Catalan Countries .

What would an independent Catalonia do to the map of Spain?

Just imagine a map of the U.S. from which Texas and/or California (and/or Vermont) has vanished. This cartographic slight to Spanish pride may at least partially explain Madrid ‘s frankly counterproductive inflexibility towards recent Catalan manoeuvres.

Who was the general who ruled over Catalonia?

Francisco Franco, a military general who ruled over Spain and actively oppressed Catalan culture, still lives in the minds of Catalans. Catalonia ‘s executive government, headquartered in Barcelona, is known as the ” generalitat “— a Catalan world. Its parliament is also located in Barcelona.

When did the Spanish Civil War end Catalan independence?

During the Spanish Civil War, General Francisco Franco abolished Catalan autonomy in 1938. Following Franco’s death in 1975, Catalan political parties concentrated on autonomy rather than independence.

Is the Spanish government going to give Catalonia independence?

In 2019, the new Spanish government agreed to hold a ‘table of negotiations’ with the government of Catalunya, though refusing beforehand to consider independence or self-determination. In 2020, the Spanish government began processing a request for the pardon of the arrested leaders.

How many people marched for Catalan independence in 2017?

On 12 October 2017, 65,000 people, according to the Barcelona police, marched against independence in a smaller demonstration marking the Spanish national day. The turnout was thirteen times more than the prior year and the highest on record in Barcelona’s history for this event.

Why was the Catalan independence referendum declared illegal?

After being suspended, the law was finally declared void on 17 October, being also illegal according to the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia which requires a two third majority, 90 seats, in the Catalan parliament for any change to Catalonia’s status.

Is it true that Catalonia is seeking independence from Spain?

It will get little help from abroad, as other European nations, many of which are facing separatist movements of their own, have shown little indication that they will acknowledge Catalonian independence.

What’s the percentage of support for Catalan independence?

Pro-independence parties have never managed to take 50% of the vote in regional elections. Meanwhile, popular support for seceding from Spain – which reached a record high of 48.7% in October 2017 – is currently at 44%, with 48.3% of Catalans in opposition. Has independence always been a key issue in Catalan politics?

What was the turnout for the Catalonia independence referendum?

Catalonia officials say turnout was about 43%, despite the vote being suspended by Spain’s highest court and deemed illegal by the federal government in Madrid. The Catalonia independence referendum led to weeks of political maneuvering and mixed messages on all sides.

Who are the countries that support Catalonia independence?

Chile – Chile’s Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz has assured that his country will support the territorial integrity of Spain. Colombia – Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos ratified his country’s support for the territorial integrity of Spain and the Spanish Government, before the declaration of independence of Catalonia.

When was the declaration of Independence by Catalonia suspended?

By 31 October, the declaration of independence was fully suspended by the Constitutional Court of Spain and the dismissed Catalan government accepted the elections proposed by Mariano Rajoy.