Where in Florida is Camp Blanding?

Camp Blanding Joint Training Center (CBJTC), located near Starke, Florida, is a 73,000-acre premier training center in North Florida.

Can civilians go to Camp Blanding?

Civilians can gain access through a sponsor. Annual access for civilians to Lake Kingsley from the base is available by submitting an application for an associate membership to the Camp Blanding recreational community outreach program.

Is Camp Blanding training today?

In Addition, the Camp was the site of a 2800-bed hospital, a German Prisoner of War Compound and at the war’s end, a Separation Center. Following the war, Camp Blanding reverted to state control, and today is a Joint Training Site for the National Guard and other Reserve Components and some Active Component training.

What were the main uses for Camp Blanding one of Florida’s largest military bases during WWII?

In 1943, Camp Blanding became an Infantry Replacement Center, training soldiers to be sent to existing infantry divisions as replacements, providing a high percentage of the replacements sent to Army combat units. During WWII more than 800,000 soldiers where trained at Camp Blanding.

Is Camp Blanding Lake open?

UPDATE: – Recreation is fully open! Boat ramp, Family Picnic Area and campgrounds!

Is Camp Blanding pet friendly?

Pets are only allowed at the campground and no where else on base. Also there is a $2.75 per day per pet fee taken at check-in.

Can you swim at Camp Blanding?

It was a family oriented place. No alcohol was allowed and people were expected to be on their best behavior. Strickland’s Landing was on the very north shore of Kingsley Lake adjacent to Camp Blanding. You can see the enclosed swimming area on the vintage aerial photograph below.

What lake is Camp Blanding on?

Kingsley Lake
Camp Blanding Joint Training Center Enjoy camping along the shore of Kingsley Lake at the facilities available just 40 miles SW of Jacksonville, at Camp Blanding.

What did Florida do in WWII?

World War II was a transformative moment for Florida. About 248,000 Floridian men and women served in the armed forces. Dozens of military bases were established or expanded in the state. They hosted hundreds of thousands of military recruits who came to train for their roles in the war.

Can anyone visit Kingsley Lake?

New Kingsley was open year-round and catered parties of up to 1,000 people. But amenities aside, it was the 2,000-acre lake that reigned supreme. Camp Blanding, the Florida National Guard’s main military training reservation, surrounds much of the lake but is not open to the public.

Is Camp Blanding lake open?