Where is AAMI Stadium located?

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium

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Location Edwin Flack Field Olympic Boulevard Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Coordinates 37°49′31″S 144°59′2″ECoordinates: 37°49′31″S 144°59′2″E

What does AAMI Park stand for?

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
Construction commenced in late 2007 on the site of Edwin Flack Field. The common name for the new venue was simply “Melbourne Rectangular Stadium” until an 8-year naming rights sponsorship deal was struck with insurance company AAMI just prior to its opening.

Is AAMI Park covered?

Located about 1km to the east of the CBD and nestled between the Yarra River and the MCG, AAMI Park features a cutting-edge Bioframe design with a geodesic dome roof which substantially covers the seating area.

How much does AAMI Park hold?

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What happened AAMI Park?

Football Park, formerly known commercially as AAMI Stadium, was an Australian rules football stadium located in West Lakes, a western suburb of Adelaide, the state capital of South Australia, Australia….Football Park.

Opened 1974
Closed 2015
Demolished 2018–2019
Construction cost AU$6.6million (1974)

What happened footy park?

Who plays at AAMI Park?

Melbourne City FC
Melbourne Victory FCMelbourne StormMelbourne RebelsVictoria Maidens
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Where do Melbourne Storm play?

Melbourne, Australia
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Why was VFL Park demolished?

The 2000 VFL Grand Final was the last official game of football played at the venue. After that game, Waverley Park was not maintained and vandals eventually broke into the site and damaged the facilities.

Where is the AAMI Stadium in Melbourne Australia?

The Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, commercially known as AAMI Park, is an outdoor sports stadium on the site of Edwin Flack Field in the Sports and Entertainment Precinct in the Melbourne City Centre. The stadium’s major tenants are NRL team Melbourne Storm, the Super Rugby team Melbourne Rebels,…

How did AAMI Park Stadium get its name?

A new football and rugby ground was announced and quickly became known as the ‘Rectangular Stadium’, opposed to its oval neighbours. Construction of the venue, with name changed to AAMI Park for commercial reasons, started in the Olympic Park, close to mentioned above MCG and Melbourne’s famous tennis courts.

What kind of roof does AAMI Park have?

With its distinctive geodesic dome roof and its rectangular playing field, AAMI Park has reinvigorated Melbourne’s world famous sporting precinct, attracting new international teams and sporting codes to this already sports mad city.

What was the original name of Melbourne Rectangular Stadium?

The stadium was referred to as Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Swan Street Stadium or the Bubble Dome during its early construction. The stadium’s commercial name was announced as AAMI Park on 16 March 2010 in an eight-year deal.