Where is Palar river located?

Palar River, river in southern India. It rises near the Ponnaiyar River, southwest of Chintamani, in Karnataka state, and flows 183 miles (295 km) southeastward through Tamil Nadu state to the Bay of Bengal, south of Chennai (Madras). Its major tributaries are the Ponnai and Cheyyar rivers.

Which is the birthplace of Palar river?

Nandi Hills
Palar River/Sources

It rises in the Nandi Hills in Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka state, and flows 93 kilometres (58 mi) in Karnataka, 33 kilometres (21 mi) in Andhra Pradesh and 222 kilometres (138 mi) in Tamil Nadu before reaching its confluence into the Bay of Bengal at Vayalur about 100 kilometres (62 mi) south of Chennai.

Which river is flowed in the agrahara?

Somambudhi Agrahara Lake is on the course of the Palar river that originates at the Nandi Hills and flows through the Chikkaballapur and Kolar district into Tamil Nadu.

Which river flows in Kanchipuram?

Palar River
Kanchipuram, also called Conjeeveram, city, northern Tamil Nadu state, southeastern India. It is located on the Palar River, about 25 miles (40 km) east-southeast of Arcot and on the road and rail routes between Chennai (Madras; northeast) and Bengaluru (Bangalore; west) in Karnataka state.

Where does Vaigai river start?

Varusanadu Hills
It originates in Varusanadu Hills, the Periyar Plateau of the Western Ghats range, and flows northeast through the Kambam Valley, which lies between the Palani Hills to the north and the Varushanad Hills to the south. The Vattaparai Falls are located on this river.

What happened to Adyar?

Adyar River Today– The river is almost a dead one today, with almost no water or a polluted one. Flowing through the heart of Chennai, they carry dangerous pollutants and sewage. It is considered to be a dead one, as it is incapable of sustaining any form of life, be it aquatic beings or plants.

Do Agraharams still exist?

Today, agraharams are fast disappearing to make way for bigger, swankier apartments and modern houses.

Why is Kanchi famous?

Known as the City of Thousand Temples, Kanchipuram is famous for its majestic temple architectures, 1000-pillared halls, huge temple towers and silk sarees. Kanchipuram serves as one of the most important tourist destinations in India. Kanchipuram has become a centre of attraction to the foreign tourists as well.

Why is Vaigai river dry?

Today the Vaigai river that flows through Madurai is bone dry within the city limits nearly 300 days a year, but for centuries it had sustained life along its banks. Encroachment at its origin, release of sewage and lack of desiltation over the years gradually led to the water source turning into a trickle.

Which is the biggest dam in Tamil Nadu?

The Mettur Dam
The Mettur Dam is one of the largest dams in India and also the largest in Tamil Nadu, located across the river Cauvery where it enters the plains….

Mettur Dam
Location Mettur, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates 11°48′00″N 77°48′00″ECoordinates: 11°48′00″N 77°48′00″E
Opening date 1934
Dam and spillways

Can you clean Cooum river?

In September 2011, the WRD began cleaning the river at a cost of ₹ 10.2 million and the work is expected to be completed within a fortnight. In 2012, the government allotted ₹ 3,000 million towards construction of 337 sewage cleaning systems in the waterways in the city, including 105 locations in the Cooum river.

Are there any temples on the banks of the Palar river?

Venugopalaswami Temple is a historic temple located on the banks of the river. In the State of Karnataka Just above the Tamil Nadu state there are some Temples on the banks of the Palar River. Vijayendra swamy temple on the Banks of the Palar River at the Town of Bethamangala.

Where does the Palar river in Karnataka originate from?

In the State of Karnataka Palar River Originates from s Agrahara lake (kolar district of Karnataka). There are various reservoirs and check dams across the river to store the Water, While two of the most significant of them are the two Consecutive dams that are back to back with in seven Kilometers.

Which is the correct map of Kanchipuram River?

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How much water does Chennai get from Palar river?

After commissioning of the Telugu Ganga project to supply nearly 1,000,000,000 litres (260,000,000 US gal) per day of Krishna River water to the Chennai city, the dependence on Palar river water has reduced drastically.