Where is the 8th Ansem report?

Report Condition(s)
Ansem Report 8 Win the Hades Cup in Olympus Coliseum
Ansem Report 9 Defeat Captain Hook in Neverland
Ansem Report 10 Speak to Aerith after the sealing the Keyhole in Hollow Bastion
Ansem Report 11 Defeat Kurt Zisa in Agrabah

How many ansem reports are there?

The locations and transcripts (in italics) of all 13 documents are below. Obtained: Claim victory over the 1000 Heartless in the Battle of Hollow Bastion. My efforts these many years have come to fruition, with the world I govern having become a paradise worthy of being called “Radiant Garden”.

How do you get Ansem Reports in kh1?

Ansem Reports

  1. Ansem Report 1 – Defeat Jafar (Genie) in Agrabah.
  2. Ansem Report 2 – Talk to Aerith in Hollow Bastion.
  3. Ansem Report 3 – Defeat Ursula’s 2nd form in Atlantica.
  4. Ansem Report 4 – Talk to Aerith in Hollow Bastion.
  5. Ansem Report 5 – Defeat Maleficent (human) in Hollow Bastion.

Who wrote the ansem reports?

The first Ansem Report was written by Ansem the Wise. The rest were by Apprentice Xehanort, then later Xehanort’s Heartless as he conducted his experiments.

What do you get when you beat the Hades cup?

Winning will earn you the Lionheart Keyblade, which is one of the best Keyblades available. The final nineteen rounds contain the toughest Heartless, in particular those from Hollow Bastion and End of the World. Hades himself is fought at the 10th seed.

Where is Aerith in Hollow Bastion?

Defeating the Behemoth will give you the Omega Arts accessory. After the battle, go back to the Library and head to the bottom floor to find Aerith.

How was Ansem created?

Ansem was created when Terra-Xehanort, masquerading as Ansem the Wise, reawakened his sleeping memories and split his heart from his body, creating a Heartless; this Heartless, also named Ansem, appears to have characteristics of both Emblem and Pureblood Heartless, and it is unclear exactly which category he falls …

What is an emblem heartless?

The Emblem Heartless are Heartless created in Ansem’s Lab. According to Secret Ansem’s Report 5, They were created by Xehanort using the Pureblood as synthesizing material. They are usually more powerful than normal Heartless and they all bear the Heartless Emblem.

Who is the final boss in the Hades cup?

the Rock Titan
The final boss for the Hades Cup is the Rock Titan.

How do you unlock Hades?

While other aspects can be unlocked with Titan Blood, the hidden aspects can only be unlocked when certain requirements are met:

  1. Obtain the Fated List of Minor Prophecies from the House Contractor.
  2. Reach the final boss.
  3. Unlock all other aspects on the weapon.
  4. Spend at least 5 Titan Blood upgrading the weapon.

Who killed Aeris?

After a failed attempt to foil Sephiroth’s theft of the Black Materia, Aerith ventures alone into the Forgotten City. Cloud and his companions give chase, eventually finding her praying at an altar. As Aerith looks up to smile at Cloud, Sephiroth appears and kills her by impaling her through the torso.

Is Aerith alive in Kingdom Hearts?

And yes the death for Aerith never happened in Kingdom Hearts.

How to obtain Ansem’s report 8 Kingdom Hearts?

Ansem’s Report 8 is obtained after defeating Hades. There is no doubt that the Heartless are deeply connected to the people’s hearts. Further study may unravel both their motivations and the mysteries shrouding the heart. As a start, I have built a device that artificially creates Heartless.

What is the first page of Ansem’s report?

The first page of Ansem’s Report 1. Ansem’s Reports are a series of pages collected throughout Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. The reports explore the mythology of the series, and focus largely on the nature of beings, what they become ( Heartless and Nobodies ), and the nature of darkness and nothingness.

Why did Ansem write the report on Radiant Garden?

Ansem began work on the report in order to study the darkness in the hearts of beings, and to determine ways to protect his homeworld, Radiant Garden, from its ravages. The reports were later written at some point by Xehanort.