Where is the download button in iTunes?

Launch iTunes. Go to Account and select Purchased. The tab Store will be selected. Scroll down and at the bottom right you will see the Download All button.

Why is there no download button on Apple music?

Downloading issues can be related to several factors, including connection issues, or lack of space on your device. Basic tips from Apple include closing the app and restarting your iPhone or iPad. This should usually be your first step when having issues with your device.

Is there a download All button on iTunes?

All replies Unfortunately, there is no “Download All” button, but you could download all albums/songs of an artist. Just open the Music app, then open the artist tab and then click the little cloud icon.

How do I enable downloads in iTunes?

Enabling Automatic Downloads on Your Computer

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. On Mac, choose iTunes -> Preferences from the menu bar. On Windows, choose Edit -> Preferences from the iTunes window menu bar.
  3. Click the Downloads tab, and under Automatic Downloads, check the box next to Music.
  4. Click OK.

How do I download my music from iTunes to my computer?

Open the Apple Music app or iTunes. Find the music that you’ve added from Apple Music. On your Mac, click the Download button next to a song or album. On your PC, click the Download button next to a song or album.

How do I re Download all my iTunes purchases?

Redownload music

  1. Open the iTunes Store app. On your iPhone or iPod touch: At the bottom of your screen, tap More.
  2. Tap Music. If you use Family Sharing, tap a family member’s name to see music that they purchased.
  3. Find the music that you want to redownload, then tap it.
  4. Tap the download button. next to a song or album.

Is there a Download All button for Apple Music 2021?

To download Albums or Playlists, either: long press the album title or playlist title until a menu appears. Then tap Download, or open a specific Album or Playlist and then tap on the iCloud icon at the top right. If you have a large library, it will take some time to download every album and playlist.

Why can’t I turn on automatic Downloads on my iPhone?

Check your settings On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Under Automatic Downloads, and ensure that the “Automatic Updates” option is enabled. If this option is already enabled, turn it off, wait 20 seconds and turn it back on.

How to get the latest version of iTunes?

Download the latest supported version of iTunes for your PC. Download iTunes from Apple’s website, then click Download to download the iTunes installer. When prompted, click Save (instead of Run). If you have Windows 10, you can get the latest version of iTunes from the Microsoft Store . If you get iTunes from the Microsoft Store,…

How to fix no download button on iPhone?

Go to Settings and head over to the “General” section. Now go to the “Restrictions” section and go to “Apps”. Remove all the restrictions set in here. This will solve no download button issue and all the apps will become available for download. 2- You should sign out of the app store and wait for a few seconds and then sign in again.

Is there a download icon in the iTunes Store?

As I said there is no download icon You aren’t following the instructions for redownloading : tap on More at the bottom right of the iTunes Store app, then Purchased, then Music – if the album doesn’t show there check to see if you’ve hidden it from the cloud : Hide and unhide iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store purchases – Apple Support

What to do if you can’t install iTunes on your computer?

If you can’t install the updates, refer to your computer’s help system, contact your IT department, or visit support.microsoft.com for more help. Download iTunes from Apple’s website, then click Download to download the iTunes installer. When prompted, click Save (instead of Run).