Where is the Lotus factory in the uk?

Norfolk UK
When you visit our manufacturing facility at Hethel, Norfolk UK, you’ll explore the epicentre of Lotus life, where our world class, high performance sports cars are all individually hand built.

Where in Norfolk is Lotus made?

Group Lotus is based in Hethel, Norfolk, UK. It is part of Geely Automotive, the fastest growing automotive group in the world.

Where is the Lotus factory?

The Lotus Car factory is located at Hethel in Norfolk, 20km (13 miles) south west of Norwich via the A11 (about a 25 minute drive).

Where is Hethel Norfolk?

Hethel is a small village in Norfolk, England, approximately 5 miles (8 km) south east of the market town of Wymondham, and approximately 10 miles (16 km) south of the city of Norwich.

What is a Lotus car price range?

New Lotus Models and Prices

Model Lotus Elise Lotus Evora 400
Power 190 hp 400 hp
Engine 1.8L Inline-4 Gas 3.5L Supercharged V6 Gas
Base Price $51,845 $94,900

What company owns Lotus?

Proton Holdings
GeelyLotus Group International Ltd.
Lotus Cars/Parent organizations

Does Lotus sponsor Norwich?

English top-flight soccer outfit Norwich City have announced Lotus Cars as the club’s new shirt sponsor for the 2021/22 season. The partnership with Norfolk-based Lotus will see its logo feature across the Canaries’ first team, academy and women’s kits, as well as on training wear.

Where is the Lotus Emira built?

Lotus Emira
Production 2022 (tentative)
Assembly England: Hethel, Norfolk
Designer Russell Carr
Body and chassis

Is there a Lotus factory tour still open?

Please keep an eye on the Lotus website for updates. Tours of the Classic Team Lotus workshops are still open, and are a great opportunity to witness a collection of the most historically significant race cars from Formula 1.

How many people work at Lotus in UK?

By the end of 2019, Lotus employed 1,345 people in the UK, up 35% on the year before. Geely has stated that Hethel will remain the spiritual home of Lotus and the centre of the brand’s sports car production, proving the former RAF base has a bright future ahead of it.

What was the first Lotus car ever made?

The first all-new car to be manufactured at Hethel was the Lotus Europa. Before the arrival of Lotus, Hethel airbase has its own fascinating story. It was built in 1942, designated as RAF Hethel and immediately transferred to the United States of America Air Force (USAAF).