Where is the Roman Catholic cathedral in Aachen?

Aachen Cathedral (German: Aachener Dom) is a Roman Catholic church in Aachen, Germany and the see of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aachen. One of the oldest cathedrals in Europe , it was constructed by order of Emperor Charlemagne , who was buried there in 814.

When was the cupola added to the Aachen Cathedral?

Due to the enormous flow of pilgrims, in 1355 a Gothic choir hall was added, and a two-part Capella vitrea (glass chapel) which was consecrated on the 600th anniversary of Charlemagne’s death. A cupola, several other chapels, and a steeple were also constructed at later dates.

How big is the Palatine Chapel in Aachen?

Aachen Cathedral contains all the elements necessary to express the Outstanding Universal Value and is of appropriate size. All features and structures to convey its significance as Emperor Charlemagne´s own Palatine Chapel are present. Wear your faith with t-shirts that proclaim who you are.

When was the Aachen Cathedral declared a world heritage building?

In 1978 UNESCO declared the Aachen Cathedral as the first building in Germany to be a world cultural heritage.

How big is the Treasury at Aachen Cathedral?

The treasury is considered one of the most important of its kind north of the Alps. Its collection includes numerous sacred gold and silver items such as chalices, reliquaries and alterpieces. Admire objects from late antiquity displayed in a space of around 600m², as well as items from the Carolingian, Ottonian, Staufian and Gothic periods.

Who was enthroned on the throne of Aachen?

From 936 to 1531 thirty Roman-German kings were crowned at Aachen Cathedral’s main altar and afterwards enthroned on this throne. The four marble slabs, possibly from Jerusalem, exhibit traces of antique graffiti and show the reliquary nature of the throne.

When did the Palatine Chapel in Aachen become the mother church?

From 936 to 1531, the Palatine Chapel saw the coronation of thirty-one German kings and twelve queens. The church has been the mother church of the Diocese of Aachen since 1930. 3.4 Ambon of Henry II.