Where should I go in Europe in December?

Best European Cities to Visit in December

  • ROVANIEMI, FINLAND. Of all the things to do in Europe in December, visiting Santa tops the Christmas spirit wish list.

What is the best country in Europe to visit in December?

1. Germany. Germany is a popular destination during December for many reasons, but especially for its famous Christmas markets. The country is home to hundreds of different markets that each have their own unique personality and goods.

Where should I go for Christmas vacation in Europe?

10 Best Places to Spend Christmas in Europe

  1. Nuremberg, Germany. Christmas market in Nuremberg.
  2. Stuttgart and the Black Forest, Germany.
  3. Strasbourg, France.
  4. Dresden and the Ore Mountains, Germany.
  5. Precepe Scenes, Italy.
  6. Munich, Germany.
  7. Vienna, Austria.
  8. Zagreb, Croatia.

Is it good to travel to Europe in December?

The first half of December is a good time to visit Europe if you’re on a budget and don’t mind the wet and cold weather. With the cost of flights, accommodation, and attractions generally low and few tourists around, this might be a good time to discover European cities. Just avoid Christmas markets on the weekends!

Where in Europe is warmest in December?

Warmest places in Europe in December

  • Lanzarote – Canary Islands.
  • Gran Canaria – Canary Islands.
  • Tenerife – Canary Islands.
  • Fuerteventura – Canary Islands.
  • Greece (Crete and South Peloponnese)
  • Spain (Andalusia and Canary Islands)
  • Malta.
  • Cyprus.

Where are the best Christmas markets in Europe?

10 Best Christmas Markets in Europe

  1. Prague, Czech Republic. What’s better than visiting one of Europe’s grandest cities?
  2. Vienna, Austria. Vienna is a city transformed by the arrival of the festive season.
  3. Budapest, Hungary.
  4. Nuremberg, Germany.
  5. Strasbourg, France.
  6. Salzburg, Austria.
  7. Berlin, Germany.
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Where is the most beautiful place to spend Christmas?

The Best Places to Spend Christmas

  • Beaver Creek, Colorado.
  • Saint Lucia.
  • Highlands, North Carolina.
  • Solvang, California.
  • Stowe, Vermont.
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Florida Keys, Florida.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What is the best country to visit in Europe?

Whittle down your choices with our list of the best countries to visit in Europe.

  • Belgium.
  • Switzerland.
  • Greece.
  • Portugal.
  • Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany.
  • England. Leeds Castle, England | Photo Copyright: Shandley McMurray.
  • Denmark. Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerod, Denmark.
  • Iceland. Lupine at the Stokksnes headland.

Is it hot enough to sunbathe in Lanzarote in December?

Yes, it’s warm and during the daytime temperatures can reach up to 25°C. Can you sunbathe in Lanzarote in December? Yes, during the daytime it’s hot enough to sunbathe in December and get a tan.

Which is the best country to visit in Europe in December?

The 8 best countries to visit in Europe in December. 1 1. Germany. Cologne. Germany is a popular destination during December for many reasons, but especially for its famous Christmas markets. The country 2 2. Norway. 3 3. Finland. 4 4. France. 5 5. Austria.

Where to go for a winter vacation in Europe?

#3 in Best Winter Vacations in Europe. Winters in Amsterdam can be chilly, but those willing to endure the cold will enjoy significantly discounted hotel rooms and flights. Most of Amsterdam’s attractions are open year-round, and, during the winter months, the city offers holiday festivities and many places to ice skate.

Where are the best places to go for Christmas in Europe?

1 Rovaniemi, Finland. 2 Christmas markets in Germany & Austria. 3 Abisko, Sweden. 4 Athens, Greece. 5 Copenhagen, Denmark. 6 Budapest, Hungary. 7 Jasná, Slovakia. 8 Andalucía, Spain. 9 Transylvania, Romania. 10 Venice, Italy.

What to do in Rome in the winter?

A winter visit to Rome may have you bundling up to see iconic sights like the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, but you’ll have ample opportunities to warm up, too. Head indoors to admire Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel before sampling some of the city’s world-renowned pizza and wine.