Where was 36 China Town filmed?

Isha Koppikar plays the owner of a casino located at China Town (the film’s shot in Bangkok but the story’s set in Goa), who is killed one night. Cop Akshaye Khanna is brought in to unravel the mystery.

Who killed in 36 China Town?

Sonia Chang
Chief Inspector Karan of Goa Police is told that an anonymous phone call has been received informing that the owner of 36 China Town as well as the owner of Hollywood Casino, Sonia Chang, has been murdered.

Is 36 China Town Hit or flop?

India Box Office Collection

Movie Name Release Date Verdict
Vivah 10 Nov 2006 Hit
Chup Chup Ke 09 Jun 2006 Average
36 China Town 05 May 2006 Semi-Hit
Shikhar 30 Dec 2005 Flop

Who played the female lead in 36 China Town 2006 )’?

Plot. The only child of Goa’s China Town multimillionaire Sonia Chang (Isha Koppikar) has been kidnapped. To get her son back, she puts out a reward of over 25 lakh Rupees. She lives in her huge mansion named “36 China Town”, with a servant couple Mr.

Is Shahid Kapoor a flop?

Cited in the media as one of the most attractive Indian celebrities, Kapoor maintains his popularity despite a fluctuating career trajectory and is the recipient of several awards, including three Filmfare Awards….Shahid Kapoor All Movies Hit Flop Box Office Collection.

Movie Deewane Huye Paagal
Release Date 25-Nov-05
Collections in Cr. 15.1
Verdict Flop

Is Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi Hit or flop?


First Week: 86,00,000
Budget: 3,50,00,000
India Gross: 2,37,00,000
Overseas Gross: $25,000
Worldwide Gross: 2,48,87,500

Is Jab we met a good movie?

Jab We Met is definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen so far. Everything is very nice about this movie, totally perfect. My Reviews: Kareena Kapoor – She really impressed me with this movie. I love how the way she portrayed the lovable & talkative Geet to the sensitive & sad Geet on the second half.

What is the story of Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi?

Bhopal-based statuesque singing beauty, Chandni Shrivastava, falls in love with wealthy fellow-singer, Prem Ajmera. However, this is no fairytale romance and problems soon arise.
Ek Vivaah… Aisa Bhi/Film synopsis

Who is the director of Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi?

Kaushik Ghatak
Ek Vivaah… Aisa Bhi/Directors
Debutant director Kaushik Ghatak says his Ek Vivaah… Aisa Bhi is not a take-off on Rajshri Productions’ last hit Vivah and insists that the family drama is a completely fresh project.

Why do people love Jab We Met?

Filmiest love saga which goes through a metamorphosis only to become the most romantic love story. Which brings us to Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor’s obvious yet refreshing chemistry. Both the actors channeled all they had within to create two real, vulnerable and relatable characters.

What is the story of Jab We Met?

Aditya, a heartbroken tycoon on the verge of committing suicide, aimlessly boards a train. He meets Geet, a high-spirited girl who plans to elope with her lover, and finds himself pulled into her crazy life.
Jab We Met/Film synopsis

Who was the owner of 36 China Town?

Multi-millionaire Sonia Chang; owner of 36 China Town hotel and Hollywood Casino is found dead with the evidences pointing towards people from different walks of life who may have a motive to murder her. But there is a major draw-back involved in this case as the police does not have concrete evidence to incarcerate any of the suspects.

Where does Gracy go in 36 China Town?

But when she doesn’t get the money even after claiming it, she enters 36 China town to meet Sonia in a very angry mood. Even Natwar goes inside the mansion to meet Sonia and pawn the last hotel. Upset by this, Gracy goes to 36 China Town in an angry mood. Then, she goes her bedroom with Rocky.

Who are the suspects in 36 China Town?

A wealthy casino owner is murdered in her mansion at 36, China Town and the investigating detective uncovers multiple suspects, all with independent motives to commit the crime.

Who is Sonia Chang in 36 China Town?

The only child of Goa’s China Town multimillionaire Sonia Chang ( Isha Koppikar) has been kidnapped. To get her son back, she puts out a reward of over 25 lakh Rupee. She lives in her huge mansion named “36 China Town” with a servant couple Mr.Lobo ( Dinyar Contractor) and Mrs.Lobo (Roshan Tirandas) in Goa.