Where was the 2014 Dota 2 International held?

This tournament was the fourth edition of The International, and it was the third consecutive year that the tournament had been hosted in Seattle. Unlike the previous two years, the tournament was held at the KeyArena, a multi-purpose arena in Seattle Center with a total seating capacity of over 17,000.

Who are the champions of the International Dota 2 tournament?

It was the fourth iteration of The International, a yearly Dota 2 tournament hosted by Valve Corporation. The champions of The International 2014 were Team NewBee. Team NewBee defeated Vici Gaming in a best of five with a score of three to one, securing themselves the Aegis of Champions and 5 million dollars.

Who is the current president of NABBA International?

NABBA International was formed in 1984 as the world governing organisation for NABBA. Oscar Heidenstam was elected President of NABBA International upon its formation. Eddy Ellwood was elected President of NABBA International in 2017 with former Chair and Honorary Life Councillor, Bryan Robinson, as the Vice President.

How much is the prize for Dota 2 international?

An additional $2.50 USD (25%) was added to the total prize pool for every TI4 Compendium sold. There is also an option to buy points to level up the compendium in game and 25% of these purchases goes towards the prize pool of the event. The final prize pool is $10,923,977 ($9,323,977 added).

When is the main event of Dota 2?

Two brackets of four teams seeded from phase two. Last team from each bracket is eliminated. Second and third teams advances to the loser’s bracket of the main event. First team advances to the winner’s bracket of the main event. Main Event – July 18th – 21st, 2014.

How much do you win at the International Dota 2?

Champions Year Champion Prize pool Date Venue 2017 Team Liquid $24,787,916 August 7–12 KeyArena, Seattle 2018 OG $25,532,177 August 20–25 Rogers Arena, Vancouver 2019 OG $34,330,068 August 20–25 Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai 2021 TBD $40,018,195 August 5-15 TBD

When was the first International Dota tournament held?

The International was first held at Gamescom as a promotional event for the game in 2011, and has since been held annually. The tournament consists of 18 teams; 12 earning a direct invite based on results from a tournament series known as the Dota Pro Circuit and six from winning regional qualifying playoff brackets,…

What does the International Dota 2 compendium do?

Contribute to The International’s overall prize pool while receiving special rewards. The International Compendium is a virtual booklet that contains dozens of ways to interact with the year’s biggest Dota 2 tournament.