Which clan is kalanzi?

Nakimera, daughter of Kalanzi, of the Nsenene clan.

Which clan is namusisi?

(46) Namusisi, daughter of Mutongole, of the Mamba clan.

What is Akabiro?

Abalangira – Akabbiro Enngoma This is the ruling clan of Buganda which follows the maternal lineage. This maternal system helps the Kingship of Buganda to revolve from clan to clan as different women from various clans marry into the royal family.

What is a clan in Uganda?

A clan represents a group of people who can trace their lineage to a common ancestor in some distant past. In the customs of Buganda, lineage is passed down along patrilineal lines. Oral history has always maintained that there are 52 clans in Buganda.

Which clan is Senteza?

m. (143) Abakyala Wozako, the Omukokiro, daughter of Senteza, of the Nsenene clan.

Who is the head of a clan?

Clan chief
At the head of the clan stands the Clan chief. The Chief’s succession was decided and governed by a system known as ‘Tanistry’; this was the ancient law of succession whereby an heir was chosen from a group of individuals with hereditary claims.

Which clan is mutebi?

Buffalo Clan
The King of Buganda, Mutebi II, is carried by men from the Buffalo Clan, his traditional bearers, and shown to his people.

What is the biggest clan in Uganda?

Baganda. The largest ethnic group in Uganda is the Baganda. People of Baganda origin make up 16.9% of the population. The Baganda belong to the Bantu ethnic family and likely settled in the area between 1000 BC and 500 AD with the Bantu migration out of west Africa.

Which clan is kateregga?

The Kings of Buganda

King Mother’s Clan
13 Kimbugwe Ndiga
14 Kateregga Butiko
15 Mutebi I Mmamba
16 Jjuuko Mmamba

Which clan is Nagayi?

The 50-year-old babe, whose marital feud is likely to eclipse the Lwasa-Diana Nabatanzi scandal out of the media glare, theoretically belongs to the Ngeye clan despite hailing from Bushenyi. The street-wise Nabillah Nagayi who has been in Kampala since she was a kid.

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