Which fonts are best for tattoos?

Best Tattoo Fonts

  • Tattoo font 1: Fearless Script.
  • Tattoo font 2: Inked Script.
  • Tattoo font 3: Mardian Pro.
  • Tattoo font 4: True Love.
  • Tattoo font 5: Sailors Tattoo Pro.
  • Tattoo font 6: Fette Fraktur.
  • Tattoo font 7: Angilla Tattoo.
  • Tattoo font 8: Bleeding Cowboys.

Can tattoo artists do any font?

It is possible to use just any font or set of fonts for a tattoo to get a desirable result. Many artists will have a set amount of scripts that they use — fonts which they find cover all the bases as far as design work goes.

What is tattoo font called?

Blackletter. Blackletter fonts are similar to some medieval forms of manuscript lettering. Often referred to as “gothic”, the most popular blackletter font – the Old English™ design – is a classic example.

What is the best cursive font for tattoos?

A Collection of Thin Cursive Fonts That Are Perfect for Tattoos

  • Aneisha Script. This is a stylistic calligraphy typeface that is ideal for a thin tattoo font, among many other uses.
  • Charlotte Sweet.
  • Suarez.
  • Cantaloupe Script Calligraphy Font.
  • Sugar Cane.
  • Palm Canyon Drive.
  • Setting Fires.
  • Soft Whisperings.

How small of font can a tattoo be?

Your tattoo lettering size MUST be at least 1/2″ tall or more. Tattoos less than this size will not last or hold up their legibility and quality well long term, which is why our artists will not tattoo small lettering.

How do I know what font is right for my tattoo?

Spacing: Make sure that your chosen tattoo font leaves space between each letter….The advantage of using a premade tattoo font are:

  1. You can see how the font looks on an existing tattoo.
  2. The design of each letter will be uniform.
  3. It takes much less time for a tattoo artist to learn a font that already exists.

How small can a tattoo font be?

What is a beautiful cursive font?

Kuenstler Script® Kuenstler Script is an elegant and beautiful cursive font which offers lots of ornaments and beautiful swashes. The elegance of this font has been recognized since 1902 and up to recent days, it is still one of the most elegant cursive font of all time.

What do tattooists hate?

Roses, pocket watches and roman numerals are also some of the most commonly seen tattoos on people up and down the country. Now, lions with crowns are becoming increasingly popular but Tota absolutely “loathes them”.

Do writing tattoos blur?

Tattoos With Fine Lines & Designs But be careful, as tattoos with super thin lines and micro-detailing are way more likely to blur over time. This is especially true for thin lettering, which has a tendency to blend together.

What is fearless script?

“Fearless” is a high quality script font, inspired by tattoo lettering and vintage signage. This font allows for artistic customization and contains both uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, most punctuation, alternates and vector swashes to add a personal touch to your type.

What fonts are most commonly used in tattoos?

30+ Best Tattoo Fonts & Lettering 2021 Aihet Script – Blackletter Tattoo Font. Acuentre – Vintage Tattoo Font. Puerto – Playful Tattoo Font. Fasigeko – Modern Blackletter Font. Battom Glory – Free Retro Blackletter Font. Carpellon – Artistic Tattoo Font. Starella – Free Tattoo Script Font. Rajjah Familia – Blackletter Font Family. Santiago – Blackletter Tattoo Font.

What is good font for Latin tattoos?

Nurkholis is a fantastic font that takes lowercase characters of the Latin alphabet and combines them in a creative way to make your writing look like Arabic script. If you’re a fan of Arabic calligraphy, this font is perfect for you, whether you want to use it for tattoos or other projects.

What is the name of the tattoo font?

The Abbeyline font is one of the fonts found in the calligraphy family. This font is very appropriate for lettering tattoos that are more hold more of a serious meaning.