Which HDFC Mutual Fund is best for tax saver?

HDFC MF ELSS Funds are ideal for investors who have a higher risk appetite. These funds have the shortest lock-in period of three years as compared to other tax-saving alternatives. It makes them ideal for wealth creation over the long run in a tax-efficient manner.

Is HDFC tax saver mutual fund good?

HDFC TaxSaver fund (Growth) is a good choice within tax saving mutual funds. Scripbox recommends other funds for investment in tax saving….Fund Returns.

Last 1Y 60.3%
Last 5Y 11.9%
Last 10Y 13.3%
Since Inception NA
6 Month CAGR 24.1%

Which MF is best for tax saver?

The table below shows the top-performing ELSS mutual funds based on the past five year returns:

Mutual fund 5 Yr. Returns
BOI AXA Tax Advantage Fund Regular Growth 19.65%
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund – Direct Plan – Growth 22.67%
Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Fund – Direct Plan – Growth 19.68%
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund 20.93%

Is HDFC Mutual fund tax free?

In addition to the tax benefits investing in ELSS funds, you also get to enjoy tax-free dividends. Mutual Funds pay out dividends to investors on a regular basis. So, if you invest in ELSS funds, the dividend you receive is entirely tax-free.

What is HDFC tax saver mutual fund?

An Open-ended Equity Linked Savings Scheme with a statutory lock in of 3 years and tax benefit. It comes with a lock-in period of three years and provides individuals/HUFs a deduction from gross total income for investments in Equity-Linked Savings Scheme upto ₹1.5 lakh under section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961.

What is HDFC mutual fund Fee?

Get HDFC 3-in-1 account, integrated trading + demat + saving bank account for seamless investing in stock market and mutual funds….HDFC Mutual Fund Charges.

HDFC Mutual Fund Account Opening Charges Nil
HDFC Mutual Fund AMC Fees Rs 250 for residents and Rs 500 for NRI (quarterly)

What is HDFC tax saver?

An Open-ended Equity Linked Savings Scheme with a statutory lock in of 3 years and tax benefit. The scheme offers the dual benefit of tax saving and wealth creation.

What is the unit price of HDFC Tax Saver regular growth fund?

Returns (NAV as on 29th September, 2021)

Period Invested for ₹10000 Invested on Latest Value
1 Year 29-Sep-20 15980.30
2 Year 27-Sep-19 14535.80
3 Year 28-Sep-18 14376.80
5 Year 29-Sep-16 17699.10

What mutual funds are tax free?

Mutual funds invested in government or municipal bonds, also called munis, are often referred to as tax-free or tax-exempt funds because the interest generated by these bonds is not subject to income tax.

Which HDFC Mutual Fund is best?

Top 10 Hdfc Mutual Funds

Fund Name Category 1Y Returns
HDFC Top 100 Fund Equity 63.3%
HDFC Index Fund – NIFTY 50 Plan Other 55.8%
HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund Hybrid 59.8%
HDFC Liquid Fund Debt 3.2%

Who is the manager of HDFC tax Saver fund?

Launched on March 31, 1996, HDFC Tax Saver Fund is a growth-oriented and open-ended scheme, which is designed by the fund managers of HDFC Mutual Fund. The HDFC Tax Saver Fund growth nav scheme falls in the ELSS category and aims to provide tax-saving investments as well as long-term capital growth to the investors.

Which is the best mutual fund for tax Saver?

HDFC Tax Saver Fund has major investments in the equity and related securities with which it aims to provide long-term capital appreciation. Among the various ELSS mutual funds, the HDFC Tax Saver Fund holds a notable position. HDFC Tax Saver Fund Growth is the perfect tax-saving solution for the long-term investors who want to save taxes as well.

How is Nav determined in a mutual fund?

NAV is nothing but the unit price for the fund. You will be allocated number of units based on this price. NAV is declared once each day generally at the end of the day. Once you invest in mutual funds, your money is further invested in stocks and bonds by mutual fund managers.

Which is the best tax Saver fund in India?

ELSS : Fund has 97.75% investment in indian stocks of which 60.36% is in large cap stocks, 15.46% is in mid cap stocks, 9.07% in small cap stocks. Suitable For : Investors who are looking to invest money for at least 3 years and looking for additional benefits of income tax saving apart from higher returns expectations.