Which is better WD My Passport or WD Elements?

The biggest difference between the WD Elements and My Passport drives is the ability to create volumes that are protected by a password. As far as the SmartWare backup software offered by Western Digital, it comes with the purchase of the My Passport drive and is ready for you to use.

Are Western Digital internal hard drives good?

Most reliable: Western Digital Blue Coming in hot behind the BarraCuda is the WD Blue, Western Digital’s budget line of HDDs. They’re essentially comparable to the BarraCuda but generally run for a few bucks more on average. Western Digital has typically had a better reputation for reliability.

How long do WD external hard drives last?

The simplest answer is that they can run smoothly for three to five years.

Is Western Digital more reliable than Seagate?

However, according to a study from BackBlaze, it shows that Western Digital’s drives were overall the least reliable among HGST, Seagate, Toshiba, and Western Digital. And many users report that Western Digital HDDs fail less than any from Seagate.

Is Seagate or Western Digital more reliable?

Who makes the most reliable hard drives?

The 7 Most Reliable Hard Drives According to Server Companies

  • Premium pick. Seagate Exos X14. See On Amazon.
  • WD Blue WD40EZAZ. See On Amazon. Brand Western Digital.
  • Editors choice. Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS. See On Amazon.
  • WD Gold WD2005FBYZ. See On Amazon. Brand Western Digital.
  • Best value. WD Black WD10SPSX. See On Amazon.

What is the difference between WD My Book and Elements?

there is an important difference between the My Book and Elements line. The My Book uses encryption, which is good if you want to require a password; however, if the enclosure for the Elements drive fails you can remove it and put it in a computer or another enclosure to recover the data.