Which is the best tourist attraction in Taichung?

Top ten tourist attractions in Taichung. Feng Chia Night Market is within a 1 kilometer radius of Feng Chia University. It includes Wen-hua Night Market, Feng jia Road, Xitun Road, Fuxing Road and Beacon Sun Plaza. According to marketing surveys, it is one of the most popular and visited night markets among young people.

How to get to Rainbow Village from Taichung?

These may be convenient for you if you are planning to visit Rainbow Village or sights in Southern Taichung. From Taichung HSR station, you can connect to New Wuri Station (新烏日火車站) on the regular train line, and a ride to Taichung Station in the city center only takes 10 minutes.

Which is the most difficult house to build in Taichung?

National Taichung Theater, nicknamed “the Most Difficult House to Accomplish” by the industry, was designed by the internationally acclaimed Japanese architect, Toyo Ito.

Where are the hot springs in Taichung China?

Guguan is situated amidst rugged terrain, with high mountain peaks reaching to the sky. The hot springs flow from between the rocks at the foot of the mountains all year round. Due to the high sulfur content the air is filled with the pungent smell of sulfur when close to the springs.

What to do in Creative Park in Taichung?

A creative park is like a mixture between a city park, an art gallery and a children’s playground with an entire area of abandoned industrial buildings covered into a park with art exhibits, small galleries, workshops, creative boutiques and craft breweries.

What makes the National Taichung Theater so special?

Drawn from the concept of the Sound Cave, National Taichung Theater makes the best of its streamlined, rigid silhouette by means of modern techniques and materials, and then turns itself into an active venue.

Where are the best places to visit in Taiwan?

The band-shaped city space that is Green Park Road connects the National Museum of Natural Science, Citizens Square, CMP Park Lane, an arts space, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and a food-selling street.