Which shape plot is good as per Vastu?

The shape of the plot is of primary consideration. Vaastu considers a square to be the most perfect, stable and sacred form. A rectangular plot is also auspicious and so is any other plot with an even number of sides. Square plots denote prosperity, peace and happiness; rectangular plots ensure health and prosperity.

Which direction is good for plot?

While you plan to purchase a plot, prefer a North-facing direction as it is considered highly auspicious. East and West-facing plots can also be considered; however, south-facing land should be completely avoided.

What is the shape of plot?

Vastu remedies for irregularly shaped plots

Shape of the plot Effects
Square (all corners straight and at 90°) shaped Very auspicious, brings health, wealth and happiness
Rectangular shaped Good and auspicious. Brings all round prosperity
Circular shaped Good for constructing circular-shaped buildings only

Which corner plot is best?

As per Vastu principles, a corner plot having two open sides in the North and East directions is the most favorable one. This plot is always full of positive and favorable energies from these directions. It is also quite easy to plan for construction in this plot as per Vastu guidelines.

Which plot size is best?

Consider other things, like the size of the garden and whether you want your neighbours to be able to see into your home.

  • A plot over 250 square metres should be enough for a medium-sized house with a small front and back garden.
  • A plot around 400 square metres will be enough for a 4-bedroom house with a large garden.

Is Gaumukhi a plot?

Plots which are narrow in front and broad at rear are called Gaumukhi plots. They are auspicious only if the North-East is extended and the road is on the West or South.

Is Gomukhi plot good or bad?

A bad gomukhi plot is the one which has a narrow part in the east with a road in front. Gomukhi plots are considered lucky for housing purpose because the land shape symbolises the structure of a cow which holds spiritual importance according to Hindu mythology.

Is a corner plot good?

Along with curb appeal, improved airflow and natural light are among the top reasons why buying a house on a corner plot is considered a great investment option. Since corner plot properties are not surrounded by houses on all sides, it allows for better ventilation and more sunlight into the home.

Is Shermukhi plot bad?

Plots which are broad in front and narrow in the rear are called Shermukhi or Vyaghramukhi plots. These plots are inauspicious for residential purposes. These plots are auspicious for commercial purposes if the road is on the East or the North.

Which shape of house is best?

“In Vastu Shastra, the beneficial shapes are square and rectangle (with proper ratio). These plot shapes lead to prosperity, wellbeing and happiness for the owner. Other shapes, such as circle, U or L-shaped plots have missing corners that may cause serious problems, depending on the section that is missing.

Why are corner plots so expensive?

The basic reason for the higher cost of corner plots is not the larger area of corner plots. Corner plots are priced higher because these are considered to have an advantage over other plots, particularly in small-size plot category having common walls on both sides.

Is corner plot good as per Vastu?

A corner plot with roads in the North and East are excellent and auspicious plots. Care should be taken that the South-West corner of the plot is higher than the North-East and construction is done according to Vastu principles. A corner plot with roads in the South and East are called Agneya plots.

What does Vastu for plot size and shape mean?

Causes to the owner and his family members imprisonment, untimely death and murders. The inmates of this plot lose mental peace and face poverty. Inmates of this plot face fear of theft, loot, attack by enemies etc. This is considered good if all other Vastu principles are followed.

Which is the best plot for the vastupurusha?

The Vastupurusha fits best in square plots and brings prosperity and happiness. Rectangular plots in which opposite sides are equal and all four angles are 90 degrees are also very good plots.

What do you call a corner plot in Vastu Shastra?

These are called Eshanya plots. A corner plot having roads in the North and West are Vavaya plots. Care should be taken that the South-West corner of the plot is higher than the North-East and construction is done according to Vastu principles. A corner plot with roads in the South and East are called Agneya plots.

Is it safe to take Vastu Shastra over the counter?

Vastu Shastra» Shapes, Plots and Their Consequences X Message by Dr. Smita:Vastu Shastra is not an over the counter medicine (OTC). One should never practice it by reading few articles or books as it can have negative effects and one might also end-up spending a huge amount of money on the building.