Who are the members of the Nike Skateboarding team?

In 2000, Nike made their second attempt at the skateboard marketing, buying the brand Savier. Savier was a small Portland, Oregon based skate shoe brand that was still in its design stage. The team included Brad Staba, Brian Anderson, Stefan Janoski and Jon Rattray, who all went on to work or ride for Nike SB.

When did Nike first start making skateboard shoes?

The rich history of Nike shoes in skateboarding, Nike’s first and second attempt at making skateboard shoes, their third and final attempt, and key players along the way. The whole story is also in chronological order, so feel free to skim down to whatever year’s you’re interested in.

What do you need to know about Nike SB?

The history, their first two attempts at skateboarding, their 3rd attempt (Nike SB), their original team, the significance of the dunks, popular Nike SB shoes and more! This article covers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Nike Skateboarding.

The first volume of a two-part series features Stefan Janoski, Wieger Van Wageningen, Chet Childress, Daniel Shimizu, Youness Amrani, Marnell, Grant Taylor, and Clarke Hassler. In 2012, professional Sean Malto (riding for Girl) left Etnies for Nike SB, shortly after his 2011 street league skate boarding win.

When did Nike come out with skateboarding shoes?

United States. Introduced. 2002; 18 years ago. ( 2002) Website. nike.com/skateboarding. Nike Skate Boarding, primarily known as Nike SB, is the Nike brand for its line of shoes, clothing, and equipment for skate boarding. Nike Skate Boarding won the 2020 Webby People’s Voice Award for Best Home/Welcome Page in the category Web.

What’s the history of the Nike SB team?

The History of Nike SB. The addition of Paul Rodriguez to the Nike SB team helped improve the brand’s image while continually growing Nike’s reputation of sport superstars. A year after Paul Rodriguez joined with Nike SB, he began working directly with Nike to formulate his first pro model skate shoe, creating the P-Rod signature series.

Who are the designers of the Nike SB zoom?

After their arrivals Nike worked with both Stefan Janoski and Eric Koston to create their own signature model shoes, the Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski and the Nike SB Eric Koston. With each new model of shoe, Nike incorporated new technology to enhance the performance of each shoe.