Who died in Shigatsu wa Kimi no USO?

Kaori then died due to blood loss. When I first watched episode 22, I thought the scenes of Kousei’s performance are just showing his emotions, but the more I think about it, some scenes are somewhat out of place.

Does Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso have a sad ending?

May be Kaoi is alive but in bad condition,and not want to distract Arima from achieving his goal. Kaoris desire to perform with Arima had not happened.It is a sad ending and most people like happy ending.So I will be waiting for second season.

What Kaori died from?

Rock Singer Kaori Kawamura Dies of Cancer at 38 Japan Today, July 29, 2009.

Is Your lie in April really that sad?

Despite being released in 2014, Your Lie in April is still hailed as one of the most emotional anime released in the last decade. Fans would go so far as to claim that it’s actually among one of the most heartbreaking anime to ever come out of Japan.

Does Kaori and Kousei kiss?

She even reveals him she is going to die soon. But wimpy four-eyes pianist Kousei, who is traumatized after his crazy mother’s death, accompanies Kaori until the heartbreaking ending without giving her (and the audience) the satisfaction of a single damn kiss.

Why does Nagi hate Kousei?

He “didn’t have a heart of steel”, and “his hands were warm when I touched them.” She begins to warm up to him, as shown her thoughts and her defending him with fierce passion when Miike accuses her of her relationship with Kousei through jealousy. It is found that she eventually develops a crush on Kousei.

Did Kaori like Kousei?

In the letter, Kaori expressed her love and gratitude towards Kousei and thanked him for bringing joy and meaning to her life. At the end, Kaori wrote that she was in love with Kousei, not Watari.

Was Kousei in love with Kaori?

Kousei became conscious who he loves. When Kousei visits the hospital with Ryota, they watch an unexpected scene. Tsubaki told Kousei that he loves Kaori, and along with that, she confessed her love.