Who has sampled so anxious?

Drake sampled “So Anxious” in the songs “Legend” and “Madonna” on his 2015 mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. R&B singer August Alsina covered the song in March 2015, however it was not released as a single.

Who sang so anxious?

So Anxious/Artists

When was so anxious by Ginuwine released?

So Anxious/Released

What key is so anxious in?

So Anxious is written in the key of F♯m.

Who sampled Drake legend?

Ella Mai’s ‘Shot Clock’ sample of Drake’s ‘Legend’ | WhoSampled.

Who sampled Drake Madonna?

Drake’s ‘Madonna’ sample of Ginuwine’s ‘So Anxious’ | WhoSampled.

What are some songs about anxiety?

The Best Songs to Listen to if You’re Really, Really Anxious

  • Little Talks. Of Monsters and Men. 0:00.
  • Tickle Me Pink. Johnny Flynn. 0:00.
  • this is me trying. Taylor Swift. 0:00.
  • lovely (with Khalid) Billie Eilish, Khalid. 0:00.
  • In My Blood. Shawn Mendes. 0:00.
  • 24/7. Kehlani.
  • Michael in the Bathroom. Various Artists.
  • breathin. Ariana Grande.

What do I do if I feel anxious?

9 Things to Do If You Feel Anxious

  1. Understand the Connection Between Anxiety and Depression.
  2. Acknowledge Your Anxiety.
  3. Schedule a Worry Break.
  4. Interrupt Your Thoughts.
  5. Practice Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation.
  6. Engage in Diaphragmatic Breathing.
  7. Do One Thing Each Day That Brings You Joy.

What does highly anxious mean?

1 : characterized by extreme uneasiness of mind or brooding fear about some contingency : worried anxious parents. 2 : characterized by, resulting from, or causing anxiety : worrying They spent an anxious night. 3 : ardently or earnestly wishing She was anxious to learn more.

Who sampled Ginuwine differences?

Samples of Differences by Ginuwine

  • What You Know Bout Love by Pop Smoke (2020)
  • Complete by G-EAZY (2014)
  • Differences by Tory Lanez (2017)
  • So Fast by Lil Mosey (2019)
  • Sorry by Ciara (2012)
  • Hard for the Next by Moneybagg Yo and Future (2021)
  • Babygirl by Kodak Black (2016)

Who produced if you’re reading this?

The mixtape was produced by Drake’s longtime collaborators 40 and Boi-1da, as well as labelmate PartyNextDoor, among others.