Who has the most passionate football fans?

10 most passionate fan bases in the football world

  1. Celtic. Celtic Park has to be one of the most difficult places for any Champions League side to go to.
  2. Borussia Dortmund. The ‘Yellow Wall’ is known globally.
  3. Besiktas.
  4. Boca Juniors.
  5. Napoli.
  6. Olympiakos.
  7. Liverpool.
  8. Feyenoord.

Which country has the best football fans?

Russia is a nation where football is rising to the top of their sports hierarchy. Continued strong performances in international, domestic and continental competitions between club and national team levels have brought the nation into the spotlight as one of the world’s best fan bases.

What football team has the most loyal fans?

Moreover, you cannot argue that Cowboys fans are the most loyal, as the numbers back it up. Based on average attendance numbers, a Pickswise study found that Dallas has the most loyal following in the NFL over the past 10 years with “Jerry’s World” boasting an average attendance of 112.70%.

Which team has most craziest fans?

Craziest Fans in World Football

  • Borussia Dortmund. The first spot on the ten craziest fans in world football goes to Borussia Dortmund.
  • Manchester United. You don’t become one of the biggest clubs in the world without having massive fan support behind you.
  • Galatasaray.

Who is the most loved football player?

Soccer players with the most Facebook fans as of June 2021 (in millions)

Characteristic Facebook fans in millions
Cristiano Ronaldo 122.28
Lionel Messi 90.16
Neymar Jr. 59.86
David Beckham 51.69

What football team has the craziest fans?

The Philadelphia Eagles fans rank as the rowdiest fan base in football. When it comes to getting wild and making noise, NFL fans know how to make their presence felt during games.

Which team has the best fans in England?

Liverpool is the most popular Premier League club in the UK in 2021: 46 percent of respondents say that they like or love the club. Next in the ranking of the popular clubs in the Premier League are Manchester United, Arsenal, and Leicester City.

Which football team has the most fans?

Top 10 football clubs with the most fans worldwide Real Madrid – 225m. Despite the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid are still going strong in 2020. Barcelona – 217m. With names such as Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez in the team, Barcelona would always be one of the most popular. Manchester United – 127.5m. Juventus – 83.8m. Chelsea – 82.2m. Liverpool – 72.5m. Bayern Munich – 70.9m. Arsenal – 70.2 m.

Which NFL teams have the best fans?

For the second consecutive year, the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots boast the NFL’s best fans, according to the study.

Which footballer has most fans?

Which celebrity has most fans in the world? As of March 2020, the most-followed person is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with over 209 million followers, and the most-followed woman is singer Ariana Grande with over 178 million followers.

Which football club has the biggest fan base?

The Cleveland Browns are considered to have the largest organized fan base in the NFL. The Browns’ official fan club, the “Browns Backers Worldwide” has over 105,000 registered members, boasting approximately 350 chapters in 10 different countries.