Who has the most playoff wins as a goalie?

Patrick Roy
Patrick Roy has the most career wins by a goalie in the playoffs, with 151 wins.

Who has the most wins as a goalie?

Martin Brodeur
NHL History – Goalie Wins Leaders

Goalie Wins Leaders
1 Martin Brodeur 691
2 Patrick Roy 551

Which goalie holds the record for the most wins in regular season play?

When it comes to goaltending records, most fans know the basics. It’s Martin Brodeur for regular-season wins and shutouts. Patrick Roy for playoff wins. And, of course, Glenn Hall’s 502 consecutive games, which stands as probably the most unbreakable record in all of pro sports.

What is the best save percentage by a goalie?

Andrei Vasilevskiy has the highest career shootout save percentage by a goalie when making 50+ shootout saves, at . 844.

Which goalie has most Stanley Cups?

Marc-Andre Fleury Stanley Cup Finals 54
Matt Murray Stanley Cup Finals 23
Tuukka Rask Stanley Cup Finals 33
Jonathan Quick Stanley Cup Finals 17

Which goalie has the most Stanley Cup rings?

Most Stanley Cups Won, Career

  • Jacques Plante. 1955-56 – 1959-60. 1952-53 (MTL)
  • Charlie Hodge. 1957-58 – 1959-60. 1955-56 (MTL)
  • Ken Dryden. 1975-76 – 1978-79. 1970-71 (MTL)
  • Turk Broda. 1946-47 – 1948-49.
  • Grant Fuhr. 1983-84 – 1984-85.
  • Clint Benedict. 1919-20 – 1920-21.
  • Terry Sawchuk. 1953-54 – 1954-55.
  • Johnny Bower. 1961-62 – 1963-64.

What goalie has the most Stanley Cups?

Who has the best save percentage in the NHL 2020?

2019‑2020 NHL Goalie Stats

Rk Name SV%
1 Carey Price 0.909
2 Connor Hellebuyck 0.922
3 Andrei Vasilevski 0.917
4 Frederik Andersen 0.909

Who is the NFL team with the most playoff wins?

The Dallas Cowboys have played in the most playoff games (63), through the end of Super Bowl LV. The New England Patriots have the most playoff wins (37) and the highest playoff win–loss percentage (.638), with a 37–21 record, as of the end of Super Bowl LV.

Who are the all time winning goalies in the NHL?

QuantHockey stats table: NHL Goalies ‑ All-Time Playoff Wins Leaders. Rk Name Born GP L 1 Patrick Roy 1965 247 94 2 Martin Brodeur 1972 205 91 3 Grant Fuhr 1962 150 50 4 Billy Smith 1950 132 36

Who are the most successful teams in NFL history?

The New England Patriots, one of the most successful teams in NFL history, are surprisingly low down the list with 26 playoff appearances. This can be attributed to the fact that the Patriots only made it to 10 playoffs before the turn of the millennium.

How many playoff games have there been in NFL history?

Since then there have been a total over 525 NFL playoff games including games from the AFL, but not the AAFC. The following list shows career postseason records for each starting quarterback in the NFL playoffs.