Who is Dudley in Street Fighter 3 third strike?

Character Overview. Dudley is considered to be one of the top 5 characters in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, and there are very good reasons why. He has damaging combos, nice speed and excellent juggles. Though he has a hard time with some of the upper tier characters (Chun Li, Yun, etc.) overall he is a character made for people who like…

What kind of fighting style does Dudley Do?

Dudley fights using traditional boxing. In contrast to Balrog ‘s rougher and “dirty” take on boxing, Dudley’s boxing style reflects his personality, making use of many professional techniques and executing them with finesse.

Where do you find Dudley in Street Fighter X Tekken?

Dudley appears in Street Fighter X Tekken (as a DLC character in the console versions and as default in the PS Vita and PC versions), with Elena as his partner. He appears to have no interest in Pandora, until Elena tells him that his tree imported from Africa told her that she and Dudley are to go to Antartica, where Pandora is located as well.

What’s the difference between Dudley and Balrog Street Fighter?

Whereas Balrog relies solely on strength and speed to attack opponents, Dudley uses various boxing and psychological tricks to gain victory, making use of feints, ducking, and drawback moves along with high-speed punches, diving punches, and uppercuts.

What kind of clothes does Dudley Street Fighter wear?

Dudley is a well-built, black Englishman with sea-blue eyes, sporting a pair of green dinner suit trousers with matching green suspenders and cummerbund as well as a white dress shirt that is frilled at the placket. He also dons a green bow tie and a pair of elegant black dress shoes. His muscular frame is visible even through his clothing.

What’s the difference between Ryu and Dudley Street Fighter?

While Ryu is often compared to the archetype of a wandering ronin (a samurai with no master), Dudley is certainly contrasting representative of a chivalrous knight.