Who is leaving General Hospital March 2021?

Wes Ramsey
‘General Hospital’ Longtime Villain Wes Ramsey Is Confirmed As Leaving The Soap.

Is Alexis leaving General Hospital 2021?

‘ Fortunately, they were relieved to know that Grahn is not leaving the series as the actress herself confirmed it. She reassured the fans that although Alexis is going through a difficult time in the show, she will be back.

Is Frisco coming back to General Hospital 2021?

According to TV Guide Magazine, it looks like Jack Wagner (Frisco) is back in Port Charles. Reports say that the actor is already shooting new material. The character was last mentioned back in 2007 when Felicia (Kristina Wagner) explained that she and her ex-husband had reunited. That didn’t last.

What’s wrong with Alexis on GH?

Worse, Alexis was diagnosed with lung cancer as she filed for divorce. Later, while driving Kristina to the hospital after she was beaten by her abusive boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer, Alexis ran over the boy, killing him. It was an accident, but his father, Warren, wanted her to pay and eventually attempted to kill Kristina!

Did Alexis on GH hurt her wrist?

Alexis told Dr. Portia Robinson that she had sustained an injury to her left wrist last summer after she fell on her porch. Things got better for her, but when she recently fell at the gym, the pain came back. Robinson ordered an X-ray for Alexis, which ended up revealing a fracture in her wrist.

What happened to Frisco Jones on GH?

He is presumed dead in February, 1988 in an explosion in a Quebec. His death was a result of him gathering the names of terrorists, and one of the groups “killed” him for it. He sent the information to Felicia in a music box, she needed her wedding ring to unlock.

Will Anna and Finn get married?

Finn got engaged to Anna and they rescheduled the first date and plan to have an August 2020 wedding. The wedding is rescheduled again to January 2021 and will be a double wedding with Peter and Maxie.

Why did Maxie leave GH?

Kirsten Storms is stepping back from General Hospital to focus on her health after undergoing brain surgery. Storms was last seen on the July 19 episode of the daytime TV drama, during which her character, Maxie Jones, left Port Charles with her baby and went to Texas, where she’ll be for the foreseeable future.

Are there any new General Hospital spoilers coming out?

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Who is going to move Peter’s body on General Hospital?

General Hospital predictions say Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Webber need to move Peter’s body-but they may be in for a major shock soon on GH. General Hospital spoilers weekly promo reveals that Jason Morgan goes public with his engagement to Carly Corinthos and shocks everyone on GH.

Who are the bad guys on General Hospital?

That’s when other bad guys come to attack anti-hero Sonny and his mob enforcer Jason Morgan. The town’s also been plagued with several serial killers, breakout viruses, and other tragedies from fires to train wrecks to bombings. There’s always plenty of drama at GH.

Who are the new couple on General Hospital?

General Hospital predictions see Sam McCall getting closer to Dante Falconeri and they may become Port Chuck’s newest super couple soon on GH. General Hospital fans know Ava Jerome needs to get Nikolas Cassadine out of her life and leaked intel hints Ava takes drastic measures soon…