Who is michael Bodekaer?

Michael Bodekaer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building innovative technology companies that have the potential to change the world.

How does a Labster work?

Labster uses gamification and storytelling approaches to engage students in course materials. Teachers can track student activity, allowing for intervention & support when students are not engaging with course materials.

How long do Labster simulations take?

Labster simulations are typically only 30MB or less in size, however, internet/wifi speed may affect the time it takes to load a simulation. Over the years, Labster has dramatically improved loading times. Typically, it only takes a few moments to load a simulation, but it is sometimes as long as a minute.

How can virtual labs revolutionize science classes?

In a virtual lab, a student can speed up time to see the results of experiments faster, go back in time to correct mistakes, and repeat experiments as many times as needed to fully understand the material. All of this makes Labster’s simulations a fun, engaging and effective way of learning science.

What Lab Safety protocols is Lucy violating?

What Lab Safety protocols is Lucy violating? Answer:She is not dressed properly for working in the lab(Organic Intro)22.

Is VR a Labster?

With Labster and a VR headset, students have access to unlimited lab time. All virtual labs can be experienced in VR with Daydream View or the Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream. Learn more about Labster VR or contact us today to get Labster VR at your institution.

Is virtual lab helpful?

Designed with the latest technology, virtual labs protect students from the dangers they face while conducting some dangerous laboratory experiments. Further, it also eliminates the need to deal with toxic/radioactive chemicals and other similar hazards and offers an effective way to avoid laboratory accidents.

Why does Labster run so slow?

Loading stuck more than 5 minutes at the same progress: Lack of free memory is usually the issue. Restart your laptop, or close all browser windows to clear your computer memory (ideally, you should also restart your computer). Please then refresh the simulation window to load Labster again with sufficient free memory.

Can you use Labster for free?

Try Labster Now Get free access to our Lab Safety virtual laboratory, which is one of 200+ different virtual learning simulations available today.