Who is the collector of neemuch 2021?

Their replacements were announced on Tuesday. In the orders issued by the general administration department in the day, Amanbir Singh Bains was made collector, Betul and Mayank Agrawal was transferred as collector, Neemuch.

How do I check my diversion of land MP?

  1. Click on ‘Free Services’ on the home page.
  2. Select khasra /B-1/ Map.
  3. Fill in the details such as District, Tehsil, and Village.
  4. Click on the landowner tab and select the name of the owner and submit.
  5. You will get the khasra number of the plot.

What is unlink land?

Unlinking the properties of a property causes the link indicator to become orange. When defining the properties for various platforms, you can easily tell if the properties are unlinked on another platform. The link/unlink indicator will be partly orange indicating that it is partially unlinked.

Who is the DM of neemuch?

Mayank Agrawal
Dm Profiles

Name Duration
Sh. Mayank Agrawal Current DM
Sh. Jitendra Singh Raje 12/03/2020 – 09/02/2021
Ajay Singh Gangwar 06/06/2019 – 11/03/2020
Sh. Rajeev Ranjan Meena 28/12/2018 – 04/06/2019

How many Tehsil are there in Neemuch district?

07 tehsils
The district comprises of 03 blocks and 07 tehsils and sub tehsils. The blocks are, namely Neemuch, Jawad, Manasa. The tehsils are namely Neemuch Rural, Neemuch Urban, Jiran, Manasa, Rampura, Jawad, Singoli.

What is the population of neemuch?

As per 2011 census of India, Neemuch District has a population of 826,067 in 2011 out of which 422,653 are male and 403,414 are female….Neemuch District Tehsils Population.

Tehsils Neemuch
Population 2011 239,519
Male 124,506
Female 115,013
Households 51,000

How do you divert land?

  1. Procedure of Land. Diversion.
  2. Go to the Revenue Court site. Web address :
  3. Follow the instructions given in the. Home page to put an application for.
  4. • Click on the link. – राजस्व न्यायालय मे आवेदन प्रस्तुत
  5. – You will be redirected to an.
  6. • After submitting the form , a System.
  7. • Reader registers the case by entering basic.

How much land can a person own in Madhya Pradesh?

[7. Maximum extent of land to be held by a person or family. –

(1) land capable of yielding two crops and receiving assured irrigation or assured private irrigation for both the crops; 10 acres.
(3) dry land. 30 acres.

How many police station are there in Neemuch district?


S.No. Name of the Police Station Office Phone
1 AJK Neemuch 07423-257754
2 Baghana 07423-234227
3 Jawad 07420-232223
4 Jiran 07423-236521

How many collectors are there in Indore?

Divisional Collector

Name Designation Phone
Shri Praveen Singh Adhayach ,IAS Collector & District Magistrate,District Burhanpur 07325241000
Shri Manish Singh, IAS Collector & DM , District Indore 0731-2449111
Shri Anay Dwivedi, IAS Collector & DM Khandwa 0733-2224253

What is the full form of neemuch?

A further theory is that “Nimach” is an abbreviation of “North India Mounted Artillery and Cavalry Headquarters”.

Why is neemuch famous?

Neemuch has been known for the production of opium, through the government-owned Opium and Alkaloid Works. Neemuch is known as India’s Eye donation capital as it accounts for the highest per capita eye donation rate in the country. Nimach is well known for the its special Moharram processions of Tazia.