Who is the current Lieutenant of Kenpachi Zaraki?

He is the eleventh Kenpachi to hold the position. His first lieutenant was Yachiru Kusajishi and his current lieutenant is Ikkaku Madarame . Immeasurable Spiritual Power: Kenpachi Zaraki is repeatedly noted to have truly monstrous amounts of Reiryoku, even by captain standards.

What is Kenpachi Zaraki’s bankai in Bleach?

Bankai Special Ability: Kenpachi’s Bankai grants him tremendous physical strength and cutting power, allowing him to effortlessly topple a gigantic Gerard Valkyrie with a single blow, rip off his arm in a single motion, and cut him completely in half from a considerable distance.

What makes Kenpachi Zaraki such a good fighter?

Although he is known to be a violent fighter, Kenpachi’s actions tend to be for the best. Kenpachi lives for battle, and enjoys a good fight more than anything. He even holds back in an effort to make any fight last longer. He claims injury and death are nothing but the price one pays for a good fight.

Who is the only person to rival Kenpachi?

Kensei Muguruma expressed his belief that Ichigo Kurosaki and Sōsuke Aizen were the only known beings to rival or surpass Kenpachi in raw power.

What kind of character is Kenpachi Zaraki in vs battles?

True to his title, Kenpachi is bloodthirsty and reckless, loving nothing more than a good fight and intentionally impairs himself to prolong what would otherwise be an overly swift battle. Despite this, he has some level of compassion for his subordinates, and is rarely seen without his lieutenant and closest friend, Yachiru Kusajishi .

How did Kenpachi Zaraki get his seat in Soul Society?

Yachiru became inseparable from Zaraki from that point further, following him wherever he went, usually clinging to his back. After some time had passed, Zaraki found his way into Soul Society and killed the previous captain of the 11th Division, thus gaining his seat in the Gotei 13.

What kind of uniform does Kenpachi Zaraki wear?

In addition to the standard Shinigami uniform, he wears white bandages across his midsection and a sleeveless captain’s haori (which belonged to the previous captain and was taken after his defeat), which has a ragged look to it.