Who is the director of the movie wetlands?

Wetlands. (2013 film) Wetlands ( German: Feuchtgebiete) is a 2013 German drama film directed by David Wnendt. It is based on the 2008 novel of the same name by Charlotte Roche and focuses on feminist issues, sexuality, and coming of age.

Who is the villain in the movie wetlands?

(Error Code: 102630) The adventures of an eccentric girl who has strange attitudes towards hygiene and sexuality longs for the reunion of her divorced parents. From summer reads to classic works of fiction, here are some of our most anticipated book-to-screen adaptations on the horizon. Charlize Theron returns as the villain Cipher in F9.

How old is Helen in the movie wetlands?

18-year-old Helen uses vegetables for masturbation and believes that body hygiene is overrated in our society. She provokes others by saying and doing things most people would not even dare to imagine. She is sexually adventurous and visits a brothel to experience being with another woman.

Is the book wetlands based on a true story?

If you’ve heard of Wetlands, you either know it because of the Charlotte Roche novel on which it’s based, or because of the deeply disgusting content therein. If you want your stomach tested, Wetlands will not disappoint.

What was the most disgusting thing in wetlands?

Why It Matters: Wetlands is being praised for being a movie that dares to give a girl’s coming-of-age story the gross-out comedy treatment. But Helen takes your humped apple pie, and raises you a seminal slice of pizza. We’ll get to that. The first tip to audiences that this is not your typical girlhood tale lies in Helen’s hemorrhoids.

Who are the main characters in the movie wetlands?

Schmigadoon! While certainly not for the faint of heart, Wetlands transcends its shock value with sweetness, heart, and subversive wit. Read critic reviews After an unfortunate shaving accident lands her in the hospital, a rebellious teen (Carla Juri) bonds with a male nurse (Christoph Letkowski) and schemes to reunite her divorced parents.