Who is the girl in Starship Sara video?

actress Rebecca De Mornay
The music video for “Sara” prominently features actress Rebecca De Mornay as the song’s titular character and Thomas in a storyline about a relationship ending, on a Dust Bowl farm in the midwest, with frequent flashbacks to what is presumably Thomas’s character’s childhood and the tornado that wrecked his home and …

Who sang Sara in Jefferson Starship?

Jefferson Starship

Who wrote Sara by starship?

Christina Simon
Peter Wolf

When did Starship Sara come out?


How old is Rebecca De Mornay?

62 years (August 29, 1959)
Rebecca De Mornay/Age

How do you spell Sarah?

Its most common variant spelling, Sara, was number 121….Sarah (given name)

Meaning “lady”, “princess”, “noblewoman”, “happy” and “joy”
Other names
Related names Sara, Sarai, Sadie, Sasa, Seira, Sairah, Sally

What does Sara stand for?

scanning, analysis, response, and assessment
The acronym SARA stands for scanning, analysis, response, and assessment. This model has become the basis for many police agencies’ training curricula and problem-solving efforts.

Who did the song sad eyes?

Robert John
Sad Eyes/Artists

Who sings the song Sarah?

Sarah (Thin Lizzy song) “Sarah” is a pop song released in 1979 by Irish rock group Thin Lizzy, included on their album, Black Rose: A Rock Legend. The song was written by the band’s frontman Phil Lynott and guitarist Gary Moore about Lynott’s newborn daughter. The song was also issued as a single, and appeared on several compilation albums…

What is the Sarah Song?

Sarah Song is a political theorist with a special interest in democratic theory and issues of citizenship and migration.

What is the Sara song?

“Sara” is a song written by singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac as a single from the 1979 Tusk double LP. The vinyl album version is 6:22 minutes and the edited version is 4:41 minutes. The song peaked at No. 7 in the US for three weeks, No. 37 in the UK for two weeks, No. 11 in Australia and No. 12 in Canada.