Who is the new meteorologist on whas?

Chelsea joins the First Alert Storm team after working in Lexington. She has covered pretty much all weather the Midwest has to offer. LOUISVILLE, Ky.

How do I contact whas?

To learn more about advertising with iHeartMedia and NewsRadio 840 WHAS, contact us at 1-844-BUY-RADIO, or send us an inquiry.

Where did Lisa Hutson go?

Lisa was born a few hours south of Louisville in Murray, Kentucky, where her family still lives. LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — WHAS11 names Lisa Hutson news anchor and multi-skilled journalist to begin the role in January 2018.

Who owns WHAS 11?

About TEGNA WHAS is owned and operated by TEGNA Inc., an innovative media company that serves the greater good of its communities.

Did Paulina Bucka leave whas?

Paulina Bucka logged four months behind the desk at WNYT before saying goodbye to viewers. She left the station in July.

Where did Alden German go?

Alden is a Meteorologist at WHAS11 in Louisville, KY. I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore… I’m a Kansas kid born and raised (with a brief stint in the Caribbean), but I’m ready for a new adventure in Louisville! I joined WHAS-TV in October of 2019.

How do I contact Wdrb news?


  1. wdrb.com.
  2. Phone: 502-585-0811.
  3. Email: [email protected]

What is Wlky phone number?

Contact WLKY NewsFeedback is the key to our serving you and to making this TV station and Web site better.To send a story idea or press release to the WLKY Newsroom email us at [email protected] & General Manager: Glenn HaygoodNews Director Andrea StahlmanSend feedback to [email protected]

What does Wlky stand for?


Louisville, Kentucky United States
Call sign meaning We’re in Louisville, KentuckY
Technical information
Licensing authority FCC
Facility ID 53939

What does tegna stand for?

Tegna (or TGNA as it will be on the NYSE) is an acronym of sorts, drawn from “Gannett,” though why the company felt constrained to use only those letters is a mystery. (Feel free to play with the components; no web wordsmiths have come up with any winners so far.)

Why did Paulina Bucka leave whas?

Bucka, who was born in Poland and raised in Brooklyn, joined WNYT in March. She replaced Asa Stackel, the morning anchor who left the station earlier this year to pursue a career in finance.

Who is Paulina Bucka?

The Polish native is a Brooklynite who loves Cajun food and California beaches. You can follow Bucka, who is today’s 20 things, on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. “And That’s Okay” can be found wherever you download podcasts, as well as on her YouTube channel.