Who is the triple jump bronze medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

Denis Kapustin’s bronze was Russia’s first men’s triple jump medal (though Russian jumpers had won medals for the Soviet Union).

Has Jonathan Edwards record been broken?

Edwards capped an unbeaten year with a historic gold medal performance at theWorld Championships, in which he broke the world record twice in the same meeting. On his first jump, he became the first man to legally pass the 18-metre barrier with a jump of 18.16 m (59 feet 7 inches).

What is Jonathan Edwards world record?

For more than 25 years, Jonathan Edwards has held the world record for the men’s triple jump with a distance of 18.29m. Following his sporting retirement, he has become a television presenter primarily for the BBC.

When did Jonathan Edwards break the world record?

Feature22 Sep 2021. “I thought I would go on to break it again,” Jonathan Edwards says of his 18.29m world record leap from the 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg. “And no, I didn’t think it would last this long.”

Who holds the longest Olympic record?

The record for the longest-held Olympic best is held by Bob Beamon (USA) – he achieved 8.90m in the men’s long jump at the 1968 Mexico City games.

What main point does Edwards want his listeners to understand?

What main point does Edwards want his listeners to understand who or what does he say will convince them? Edwards wants his listeners to understand that all non-converts must repent and be converted or they will be doomed forever. He says that the Spirit of God will convince them.

Why was Jonathan Edwards so important?

Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) is widely acknowledged to be America’s most important and original philosophical theologian. Edwards’ projected History of Redemption would have drawn these themes together, for it is in his redemptive work in history that God’s sovereignty, holiness, and beauty are most clearly exhibited.

Who is the best javelin thrower in the world?

Johannes VETTER
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Place Competitor Event List
1 Johannes VETTER Javelin Throw
2 Jakub VADLEJCH Javelin Throw
3 Julian WEBER Javelin Throw
4 Neeraj CHOPRA Javelin Throw

When did Jonathan Edwards Break the world record?

He is an Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European champion, and has held the world record in the event since 1995. Following his retirement as an athlete, Edwards has worked as a sports (primarily athletics) commentator and presenter for BBC television.

When did Jonathan Edwards retire as a triple jumper?

At one point in 2002, Edwards held all the gold medals for the “four majors” (Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and European Championships). He retired after the 2003 World Championships as Great Britain’s most successful medal winning athlete.

How tall was Jonathan Edwards in the European Cup?

In his breakthrough year of 1995, Edwards produced a jump of 18.43 m (60 feet ​ 5 1⁄2 inches) at the European Cup.

Where did Jonathan Edwards get an honorary doctorate?

Later in the same year, an honorary doctorate of the university (DUniv) was conferred upon him at the winter graduation ceremony of the University of Ulster (19 December 2006). Edwards also received an Honorary Doctorate from Heriot-Watt University in 2002.