Who is Tucson City Manager?

Regina RomeroSince 2019

How do I contact the mayor of Tucson?

Mayor Regina Romero [email protected] or (520) 791-4201.

Who are the Tucson City Council members?

Mayor & Council and City Manager

  • Mayor. Regina Romero.
  • Ward One. Lane Santa Cruz.
  • Ward Two. Paul Cunningham.
  • Ward Three. Karin Uhlich.
  • Ward Four. Nikki Lee.
  • Ward Five. Richard Fimbres.
  • Ward Six. Steve Kozachik.
  • City Manager. Michael Ortega.

How many wards are there in Tucson?

six Wards
The Council consists of a Mayor and six council members elected from each of Tucson’s six Wards.

How much does the Tucson Mayor make?

The ordinance proposes increasing the mayor’s salary from $42,000 per year to $54,000 and raising council members’ salaries from $24,000 per year to $36,000. If approved, the Special Election would be held Nov. 2. Last year, Romero approved a minimum wage increase for city employees.

How many employees does City of Tucson have?

2,250 employees
City of Tucson has 2,250 employees.

What is Tucson Arizona area code?

Area code 520
Tucson/Area codes
Starting this fall, phones users in Tucson’s 520 area code, and 480 and 928 elsewhere in Arizona, will have to dial the area code to make local calls.

How many employees does the city of Tucson have?

What type of government is Tucson?

The City of Tucson is a Council-Manager form of government. The legislative body is comprised of the Mayor and six Council Members who are elected at-large. The legislative body establishes the policies for the city.

Who is Tucson’s vice mayor?

Mayor Nikki Lee
Vice Mayor Nikki Lee | Official website of the City of Tucson.

What district is Tucson in?

Arizona’s 2nd congressional district is a congressional district located in the U.S. state of Arizona….

Arizona’s 2nd congressional district
Arizona’s 2nd congressional district since January 3, 2013
Representative Ann Kirkpatrick D–Tucson
Area 20,219 sq mi (52,370 km2)
Distribution 89% urban 11% rural

What is the Unified Development Code for Tucson?

These documents replaced the Land Use Code, Development Standards, and the development review procedures in Chapter 23A of the Tucson Code. Unified Development Code – includes the City’s zoning and subdivision standards

How much money does the city of Tucson spend?

Tucson’s Mayor and Council approved spending $27.1 million ($19.1 million from the City of Tucson and $8 million from Pima County) for the Tucson and Pima County Eviction Prevention/Emergency Rent and Utility Relief Program, after a nearly four-month gap in federal funding.

How is downtown Tucson becoming an urban core?

Downtown Tucson once again is becoming a vibrant urban core, attracting businesses that are finding the area full of the kind of energy and idea sharing that spark innovation.

What’s the future of the city of Tucson?

The future of the region will be created right here in the heart of Tucson, and I believe that the City has the knowledge, leadership, and will of the community to build a brilliant tomorrow.