Who is weak to Pharaoh Shot?

Pharaoh Shot’s sphere will plow through any enemies with 3 or less health, but disappears if it hits an enemy with more than 3 health. It is the weakness of Ring Man, Cockroach Twin, and Wily Capsule.

What is Skull Man’s weakness in Mega Man 4?

His weakness is the Dust Crusher, although it can’t pierce his barrier. It defeats him in seven hits. The only weapons strong enough to pierce his barrier are the Ring Boomerang and Rain Flush, although the Ring Boomerang deals one damage and the Rain Flush two damage. He is also immune to the Pharaoh Shot.

How do you beat dive Man in Mega Man 4?

Mega Man manages to drop the four robots into an underwater pit, and they retreat. They later attack the mine again, and Mega Man defeats Dive Man by sending a Dive Missile back to him with Wave Man’s weapon.

Who is weak to drillman?

the Dive Missile
Drill Man’s weakness is the Dive Missile, which will home in on him when he jumps, but not when he is underground, and it can also be deflected by his Drill Bombs and by his burrowing move.

What is Pharaoh Man’s weakness?

His weakness is the Flash Stopper, and while it doesn’t inflict damage directly, it freezes him in place, and it is the only way of stopping him on his tracks and the easiest way to deal with him.

What is Ringman’s weakness?

His weakness is the Pharaoh Shot, which defeats him in fourteen uncharged shots and five charged ones. If timed correctly, Ring Man’s jump will take him straight through the Pharaoh Shot, causing him to take damage.

What is Toad Man’s weakness?

For this reason, a lot of fans consider Toad Man to be the easiest robot master in the franchise. His weakness is the Drill Bomb, which defeats him in seven hits.

How do you beat Crystal Man?

The best way for the player to defeat him is to stand as close to him as possible, sliding to the side he comes and avoiding his attacks while shooting at him when he lands. Note that Crystal Man always begins his battle by using Crystal Eye.

What is the boss order for Mega Man 4?

Boss Order

  • Toad Man- Difficulty: Easy.
  • Bright Man- Difficulty: Average.
  • Pharaoh Man- Difficulty: Average.
  • Ring Man- Difficulty: Hard.
  • Dust Man- Difficulty: Easy.
  • Skull Man- Difficulty: Hard.
  • Dive Man- Difficulty: Average.
  • Drill Man- Difficulty: Average.

What order should I beat Mega Man 2?

Here is the best order to defeat the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters and their weaknesses

  1. Metal Man (DWN-009) Weapon: Metal Blade.
  2. Flash Man (DWN-014) Weapon: Time Stopper.
  3. Quick Man (DWN-012) Weapon: Quick Boomerang.
  4. Wood Man (DWN-016)
  5. Air Man (DWN-010)
  6. Crash Man (DWN-013)
  7. Bubble Man (DWN-011)
  8. Heat Man (DWN-015)

What is Wave Man’s weakness?

Wave Man is weak to Charge Man’s Charge Kick, and it can be used to go through the harpoons, but not through his Water Wave. Wave Man can be destroyed with seven hits from Charge Kick.