Who runs Menwith Hill?

Ministry of Defence
The site is one of 3 main sites operated by the United States across the globe as a major satellite monitoring station and intelligence gathering location….

RAF Menwith Hill
Owner Ministry of Defence
Operator United States Air Force National Security Agency
Condition Operational
Site history

What is in Menwith Hill?

Nominally an RAF base, it is operated and controlled by the National Security Agency. Established in total secrecy by President Truman in 1952, the NSA is responsible for all US signals intelligence (SIGINT) activities, essentially the interception of electronic communications, both military and commercial.

What are the giant golf balls?

Those “golf balls” play a vital role in Buckley’s mission. They are radomes that house satellite dishes and other crucial space equipment. The purpose of the giant spheres is to protect the equipment from Colorado’s always-changing weather.

What is Fylingdales early warning Centre?

RAF Fylingdales in North Yorkshire provides a continuous ballistic missile early warning service to the UK and US Governments, ensuring a surprise missile attack cannot succeed. As a key element of the Space Surveillance Network, the Station is capable of tracking objects 3000 miles into space.

What happens at RAF Menwith Hill?

Menwith Hill will combine its traditional role of eavesdropping on communications and missile tests to “co-ordinate real-time military operations such as covert warfare, using a variety of intelligence sources”. Satellite communications also provide data for the US missile defence system, the RAF says.

Do people live at Menwith Hill?

There are some 2,200 personnel at Menwith Hill, the majority of whom are Americans. Alongside NSA employees within the complex, the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office also has a major presence at the site, running its own “ground station” from which it controls a number of spy satellites.

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Are bigger golf balls better?

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What happens at RAF Fylingdales?

Its primary purpose is to give the British and US governments warning of an impending ballistic missile attack (part of the so-called four minute warning during the Cold War). A secondary role is the detection and tracking of orbiting objects; Fylingdales is part of the United States Space Surveillance Network.

Are the golf balls still at Fylingdales?

The golf balls were operational between 1963 and 1992. The three golf balls seen from above, showing their position in the middle of the North York Moors. The US built the radars and continue to fund them, whilst the RAF staff and maintain the site. There is one US official currently stationed at the base.

Can you visit Menwith Hill?

MENWITH HILL TOURS. Located near idylic Nidderdale in the tranquil Yorkshire Dales, Menwith Hill has SO MUCH to offer. Whether you are a day-tripping family, a dissident, or simply an amateur espionage enthusiast, a visit to Menwith Hill spy base will delight and enthrall you.

What are the white domes in Yorkshire?

These large structures, pictured here, are often nicknamed ‘golf balls’ because of their white, dimpled appearance. They are designed to shield and protect radar equipment, particularly from the elements. The site is not the only one in North Yorkshire where intelligence work takes place.

What is the phone number for RAF Menwith Hill?

RAF Menwith Hill Directory. Second Avenue, Harrogate, GBR. 719-567-1110. Royal Air Force (RAF) Menwith Hill is a Royal Air Force station in North Yorkshire, England. The 421st Air Base Group provides the majority of support services but the base is commanded by an officer of the RAF.

Where is Menwith Hill Air Force base located?

RAF Menwith Hill Air Force Harrogate, United Kingdom. RAF Menwith Hill is a co-base run by the United States of America and the United Kingdom. It is located in the central part of the kingdom, in North Yorkshire. The military base deals with intelligence and communication services.

Why was Yorkshire Dales chosen for RAF Menwith Hill?

The Yorkshire Dales’ low level of background radio noise made it an especially good location for the task. The UK provided assurances to the US that the site would available to for at least 21 years. Construction of the station on behalf of the United States Army Security Agency (USASA) began in April 1956.

Who is the commanding officer of Menwith Hill?

719-567-1110 Royal Air Force (RAF) Menwith Hill is a Royal Air Force station in North Yorkshire, England. The 421st Air Base Group provides the majority of support services but the base is commanded by an officer of the RAF. The main mission on base is to monitor communications and provide intelligence support service to the UK and the US.