Who voices spawn in injustice?

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Created by Todd McFarlane
Voiced by Michael Jai White

Who voiced Harley Quinn in injustice?

Tara Strong
Tara Strong is a voice actress in Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), providing the voices of Harley Quinn and Raven.

Who voiced Green Lantern in injustice?

Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin is a voice actor in Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), providing the voice of Green Lantern.

Who voices deathstroke in injustice?

J.G. Hertzler
J.G. Hertzler is a voice actor in Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), providing the voices for Ares and Deathstroke.

Who voices Shao Kahn in MK11?

Ike Amadi

Shao Kahn
Voiced by Steve Ritchie (1993–2005) Frank Welker (1995 film) John Vernon (MK:DotR) Nigel Casey (2004–2006) Patrick Seitz (MKvs.DCU) Bob Carter (MK9) Ike Amadi (MK11) Fred Tatasciore (2020–present)
Motion capture Brian Glynn (MKII, MK3, UMK3, MKT, MKA) Jordan Brun (MKvs.DCU) Stephan Scalabrino (MK11)

What happened to Harley Quinn in Injustice 2?

Injustice 2. Harley is now a member-in-training of the Justice League. Batman and some others are training her in using her former villainous abilities and weapons to help people on the side of good.

Who voiced Joker in Injustice 2?

Richard Epcar
Richard Epcar is a voice actor in Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013) and Injustice 2 (2017), providing the voice for The Joker and Raiden.

Why did Hal Jordan became a yellow lantern?

Hal’s transformation into “Yellow Lantern” was a result of Sinestro playing him and framing Guy Gardner for John Stewart’s death, whom Sinestro murdered behind Hal’s back. When Superman is nearly killed by a kryptonite bullet fired by Black Canary, a yellow power ring finds him which he uses to remove the bullet.

How long is new injustice?

It cost around $70 million to complete the visual effects, score, and editing, with new material filmed in October 2020….

Zack Snyder’s Justice League
Distributed by HBO Max
Release date March 18, 2021
Running time 242 minutes
Country United States

Who are the voice actors for Injustice 2?

Cast (in credits order) Phil LaMarr. Aquaman / Green Lantern / John Stewart / Lucius Fox (voice) (as Phil Lamarr) Vanessa Marshall. Black Canary (voice) Khary Payton.

Who are the actors in Injustice Gods Among Us?

Injustice: Gods Among Us Cast. Superman / Clark Kent / Kal-El. voiced by George Newbern and 2 others. Batman / Bruce Wayne. voiced by Kevin Conroy and 2 others. Wonder Woman / Diana. voiced by Susan Eisenberg and 3 others. Flash / Barry Allen. voiced by Neal McDonough and 1 other.

Who is the voice of Aquaman in Injustice 2?

Aquaman is voiced by Phil LaMarr who is no stranger to video games or even fighting games for that matter. He voiced Kotal Kahn in MKX, and his reprising his role as the King of Atlantis in Injustice 2.