Who was the original owner of the Adidas logo?

History of the Adidas Logo. The Adidas logo has long been famous for its three stripes logo. However, they weren’t the first company to use the design. The original owner of the logo was Karhu Sports. However, Karhu Sports was hit hard by WWII, and short on capital, the owner agreed to sell Adidas the trademark to their logo for €1,600

Why are there three black stripes on the Adidas logo?

Three black stripes makes for a very striking design, and it can be placed on almost any product. The fact that no Adidas logo changes too much from the original design means that all of their logos empower their brand without the risk of going unrecognized.

What does the mountain mean on the Adidas logo?

This mountain symbolizes overcoming challenges – a popular theme for the athletes that Adidas sells their apparel. Adidas has also chosen to feature the name of their company in all lower-case font on their logo.

When did Adidas start using three parallel stripes?

By the early 70s, the Adidas logo got three parallel stripes. As a result of the 1971 rebranding campaign, the company introduced a revisited emblem with a trefoil.

When did the Adidas coat of arms come out?

The trefoil logo was designed as a step to diversify the Adidas brand’s footprint. Initially used in 1972, the design went on to become the Adidas corporate “coat of arms.” 1997 – Peter Moore, Adidas AG’s global creative director, redesigned the famous three stripes logo, and reintroduced it to the world.

How many Adidas logos are there in the world?

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