Who won Cube UHC 4?

Even though the goal was to be the last standing team and defeat the Ender Dragon, Purple Team was the winner this season because they survived the longest. Orange, Red, Green and Purple Team had three of their members die back-to-back.

Who was on the cube SMP?

Current Cube Members

  • Graser (since Nov. 2013)
  • Straub (since Nov. 2013)
  • HBomb (since Nov. 2013)
  • Tybzi (since Nov. 2013)
  • Kermit (since Nov. 2013)
  • Rusher (since Nov. 2013)
  • MrMitch (since Nov. 2013)
  • Devon (since Nov. 2013)

Who won Cube UHC 8?

That strategy however did not work as while she was distracted by HBomb94 at the bottom, ThatOneTomahawk had climbed up from another side and having better gears and hearts, ThatOneTomahawk killed Stacysays, eliminating team Tigermilk and granting Cube UHC Season 8 victory to team Deep Voice consisting of …

Who won UHC Cube Season 5?


Player Status Ranking
TheCampingRusher Slain by TofuuGaming 4th
Devon_Mines Slain by TofuuGaming 3rd
stacysays Slain by TofuuGaming 2nd
TofuuGaming Winner 1st

What is the Cube SMP?

Cube SMP is a private, whitelisted, invite-only server created by Graser10 & StrauberryJam and is hosted by Mineplex. It began on November 25th, 2013. Most of the members of the Cube consist of the UHC Roster. Members cannot join of their own accord but have been invited over time by Graser and the other members.

Is the Cube SMP still a thing?

BigMoney is no longer interested in playing Minecraft. Many of the Cube members (including Rusher, Pat, and HBomb) terminated their series around December 15th, 2014 because of the upcoming reset for season 2.

What are the 3 dimensions of universal health coverage?

UHC has been defined by the WHO as ensuring that “all people obtain the health services they need without suffering financial hardship when paying for them.”1 The three dimensions of UHC (population coverage, package of services provided and level of financial protection) are often represented through the UHC cube (see …

Who won Cube UHC season1?

This was also the only season to start on a day other than Tuesday (Wednesday) with the exception Season 8 (Saturday). Vikkstar was actually not shown in the intro/logo probably because he committed suicide and that he did not post his footage. Graser10 was the first ever winner of a Cube UHC.

What happened to Xbayani?

Bayani quit Youtube after December of 2015 but he announced in his quitting YouTube video that UHC season 15 will be in December as his final UHC season. He has come back to the youtube world, and plays random games.

Who is the host of the cube UHC?

As a throwback, the twentieth season of Cube UHC was hosted back on the server Mineplex, and the twenty first was hosted on Arctic UHC with LeonTG, a well known server hoster, as a host for this event. Each season is recorded in one session; in one sitting.

When does season 4 of the cube SMP come out?

Cube SMP Live is the fourth sequel to the Cube SMP series, brought back on June 6, 2019. This season, many members are new to the Cube SMP. Members cannot join of their own accord but have been invited over time by Graser and the other members.

Who are the characters in the cube SMP?

People who participated in the event were: Graser, Kiingtong, Grape, Flouze, Hbomb, TYBZI, Ash, Quig,Tomahawk, Funnyswirl, Parker, Devon, and Em. Graser caught a power 4, punch 1 bow and Kiinqtonq caught a bane of arthropods 4, protection 3 book, but ultimately Grape won the best item diamond half with a lure 2, mending fishing rod.