Why are Moors called Solihull?

Solihull Moors FC is a merger between the former Solihull Borough and Moor Green football clubs. Solihull Borough was formed in 1953 by Joe McGorian and the Club was originally known as Lincoln FC. The new club took the place of Moor Green in the Blue Square Conference North.

Did Solihull Moors used to be called Solihull Motors?

The club was founded in 2007 by the merger of Moor Green (founded in 1901) and Solihull Borough (founded in 1953)….Solihull Moors F.C.

Full name Solihull Moors Football Club
Ground Damson Park
Capacity 5,500
Chairman Darryl Eales
Manager Neal Ardley

Who plays football at Damson Park?

Solihull Moors F.C.
Birmingham & Solihull R.F.C.
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What league do Solihull Moors play in?

National League
FA Cup
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Who owns Solihull Moors?

Darryl Eales
Solihull Moors Football Club CIC is controlled by its directors as listed below: Darryl Eales, Calvin Barnett, Cheryl Cooper, Dave Bewick, Richard Blackmore, Tim Murphy, Benn Brown, Paul Chell, Anne Marie-Eden, Terry Grogan, Simon Hawker, Paul Rivers, Michael Seabrook, Michael Turl, Adam Rhodes.

Where are Solihull Moors based?

Solihull, United Kingdom
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Who owns Solihull Moors FC?

SOLIHULL Moors owner Darryl Eales says that the club are not out of reach of achieving their long-term aim of reaching League One, as long as they can make it out of the National League.

Are fans allowed at Solihull Moors?

Yes. Due to the limited capacity and non-season ticket holders/away fans not permitted, the game will be live streamed on Solihull Moors TV for £7.50.

When was Solihull Moors founded?

July 10, 2007
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How can I watch Solihull Moors?

All Moors season ticket holders should by now have received their code which entitles them to a season pass for all home league games for this season. Step-by-step on how season ticket holders access the stream: Head to https://live.groupvisual.co.uk/smfc. Click ‘WATCH’ on the above asset.

Who is Solihull Moors manager?

Mark Yates
Solihull Moors F.C./Managers

Solihull Moors have appointed former AFC Wimbledon and Notts County boss Neal Ardley as their new manager. The 48-year-old replaces Mark Yates, who took over in March on a short-term deal to the end of the 2020-21 season.