Why are my products not showing on Google Shopping?

Common reasons why your products aren’t being displayed If your items aren’t being shown, look for errors in your Google Merchant Center account using the Products List, Products Diagnostics and Home pages of your account. It may take up to two hours for your product data to appear in the Products List.

What does link to product image mean?

Include the URL for your main product image with the image link [image_link] attribute. This image appears to potential customers in ads and free listings for your product.

What products are not allowed on Google Shopping?

Prohibited content

  • Counterfeit goods. Google prohibits the sale or promotion for sale of counterfeit products.
  • Dangerous products.
  • Products that enable dishonest behavior.
  • Inappropriate content.
  • Unsupported Shopping ads content.
  • Abuse of the ad network.
  • Misrepresentation.
  • Adult-oriented content.

How do I appear on Google shopping?

How to Add Products to Google Shopping

  1. Set up a Google Merchant Center account.
  2. Optimize your product imagery.
  3. Collect and input your product feed data.
  4. Link your Google AdWords account.
  5. Create a Google Shopping campaign.
  6. Place bids on your Shopping campaign.
  7. Target and schedule your Shopping campaign.
  8. Build ad groups.

Where has Google shopping gone?

Google’s parent company Alphabet has decided to split off their Shopping operations into a brand new business entity. This will means that from now on they will have to bid to be featured within their own platform with seemingly no preferential treatment, just like everyone else.

How do I make an image a link?

Get an image URL

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google app , Chrome app. , or Firefox.
  2. Go to images.google.com.
  3. Search for the image.
  4. In Images results, tap the image to get a larger version.
  5. Copy the image URL based on the app you’re on: Google app: At the top right of the image, tap Share Copy .

How do I give an image a URL on Amazon?

  1. locate the picture you want to upload…
  2. RIGHT click the picture and click properties.
  3. A grey box should now come up about the pictures properties.
  4. then it’ll be called ‘Address (URL)’ simply copy and paste that address into the inventory template.

Do you have to pay for Google Shopping?

Now, we’re making it free to sell your products directly on Google – Google will no longer charge you commission fees for purchases made through Shopping Actions. This new model will allow you to use your own payment provider, manage your customer service and manage more of your processes, like returns.

What is Google shopping process?

Google Shopping does not sell products directly to shoppers; instead we collect product information from participating sellers and make those products searchable for you. When you find what you’re looking for, you can go to the store’s website to buy it or you may be able to buy it on Google.

Can I sell digital products on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping doesn’t allow the promotion or sale of products restricted to specific ages or requiring proof of ID upon purchase. So, if your product requires checking an ID before actually completing the sale, you are no longer allowed to have your Ads hosted by Google Shopping.

How do I appear on Google Shopping?

How to fix your Google Shopping feed without going crazy?

Options: in stock, out of stock or preorder. Note that items available for preorder are eligible to show in Google Shopping. If you want to prevent this, be sure to adjust this in your product feed. The product price + currency is a required attribute for all products.

Where do I Find my feeds in Google Merchant Center?

You’re able to review the results of all feed processing for file-based or Google Sheet-based feeds. To find the results: Sign in to your Merchant Center account. From the navigation menu, click Products, and then click Feeds.

What does product ID mean on Google Shopping feed?

The product id is the number you use in your store to identify a specific item. It’s important that the number is unique in your product feed. You can use your SKU number or the id generated by your store platform.

Where do I find the properties of my Google feed?

From the navigation menu, click Products, and then click Feeds. Click the primary or supplemental feed name that you’d like to review. Properties: Includes key feed properties, which vary depending on the input method of the feed. Here, you can find attributes such as input method, timezone, filesize, detected delimiter (if applicable), and more.