Why boudh district is famous?

Boudh is known for its century-old temples, ancient Buddha statues, and caves. With the spread of Saivism, Vaishnavism and a number of other cults, numerous shrines dedicated to various deities were found in this region.

How many villages are there in Boudh district?

1182 villages
There are 69 panchayat and 1182 villages in Boudh District. The complete list of villages and Panchayats are available in the below link.

Who is boudh?

Shri Gyana Ranjan Mohanty, OPS (S).

Who is the collector of boudh?

Sri Lalatendu Mishra OAS
District Administration

Name Designation
Sri Lalatendu Mishra OAS (Special Secretary) Collector and District Magistrate Boudh
Shri Gyana Ranjan Mahanty, OPS Superintendent of Police
N C Jyotiranjan Naik Addl. District Magistrate
Smt. Babitarani Dalabehera Project Director, DRDA cum District Grievance Redressal Officer

Is Cuttack is a district?

Cuttack District is one of the oldest Districts of Odisha.It is an important city and District headquarters. Cuttack, which lends its name to the District, is known as the business capital of Odisha.

Is bargarh a district?

Bargarh is a district on the Western border of Orissa. Bargarh District formed on the 1st April 1993 being devided from Sambalpur District.It is one of the illustrious District of Odisha.

How many villages are there in Odisha 2020?

01. Total Area (Sq. Kms.) 1,55,707
03. Total Number of Villages 53135
04. Number of Districts 30
05. Number of Subdivisions 58
06. Number of Tahasils 317

How many blocks are there in Odisha 2019?

314 Blocks
Odisha has 03 Divisions, 30 Districts, 58 Sub-Divisions, 317 Tahasils and 314 Blocks.

Who is the deputy collector of Boudh district?

Contact Directory

SL No. Name Designation
8. Sri Janardan Mallick Superintendent of Special Sub-Jail, Boudh
9. Smt. Shanti Sudha Patra, OAS Deputy Collector, Collectorate, Boudh
10. Sri Abinash Pandia, OAS Deputy Collector, Collectorate, Boudh
11. Sri Abanikanta Sahu,OAS Deputy Collector, Collectorate, Boudh

What is the pin code of boudh?

Baudhgarh/Zip codes

How many districts are in Odisha?

30 Districts

What is the old name of Cuttack?

Barabati Fort
The name Cuttack is derived from Sanskrit meaning capital, fort and military establishment or a cantonment. The city was known as Bidanasi Katak (meaning Bidanasi Military Base) during the days when Barabati Fort was in existence. Bidanasi is now one of the localities of the city.

What is the population of Boudh district, Odisha?

It ranks Boudh is 22nd in size and 29th in population among the thirty districts of Odisha.Total SC population of the District is 104934 and ST population is 55364 as per 2011 census. administration is concerned, there is one sub division namely Boudh, 3 Tahasils, 3 Blocks, 1186 Villages and 69 Gram Panchayats functioning in the District.

What is the name of the district in Odisha?

An administrative District of Odisha in eastern India, Boudh District is also known as Baudha District. The District is bounded by River Mahanadi and Angul District to the north, Kandhamal District to the south, Nayagarh District to the east and River and Subarnapur District to the west.

Who is the Chief Medical Office of Boudh district?

The Chief District Medical Office (CDMO) of Boudh District makes constant and sincere efforts to implement Government schemes to ensure adequate health care services to the people. Steps are being taken by the District health administration, to bring about improvement in the health care system of the District.

Which is the sub division of Boudh district?

administration is concerned, there is one sub division namely Boudh, 3 Tahasils, 3 Blocks, 1186 Villages and 69 Gram Panchayats functioning in the District. The climatic condition of Boudh is much varied. The district comes under the ambit of Western Central Table Land characterized by hot and moist sub-humid climate.