Why did Christy from Little Women LA get her kids taken away?

McGinity’s current boyfriend Gonzalo Carazo is the father of her third child, Violet, who tragically passed away at two weeks old on March 20, 2020. At one point in her life, McGinity suffered from alcohol addiction. It affected her friendships, and even caused her children to be taken away from her at one point.

Is Little Women La Cancelled?

TERRA Jole’s husband Joe Gnoffo has claimed Little Women: LA is cancelled after eight seasons.

What happened to Todd and Christy?

Todd and Christy were married in 2014 and announced their separation on April 17, 2019. Christy has moved on with a new relationship and is currently expecting a child with her new boyfriend, Gonzo. It seems Christy wanted to end this part of her life and begin the new year with her new man.

Did Christy really have a concussion?

The attack went down at Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA over the weekend while the cast was filming season 4. It’s unclear what started the brawl, but Christy left with 2 brain contusions. Christy couldn’t shake the headache, so she checked herself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Do Christy and Todd have a baby?

“Our bundle of joy is coming April 2020.” They announced their daughter’s arrival with an exclusive interview in People magazine. The TV star – who has appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race – is also a mother to daughter Autumn and son Trenton from her marriage to Todd Gibel.

Are Todd and Christy still together?

Christy and Todd Gibel are no longer husband and wife after the judge signed off on dissolving their marriage making them both single in the eyes of the law. She also has restored her name to Christy Lynn McGinity, her maiden name so another W there.

Are Monie and morlin still together?

So, it’s not surprising that Monie and Morlin are no longer an item. In June 2019, Monie posted a video on Instagram, sharing that she and Morlin are getting a divorce. While both Morlin and Monie have been tight-lipped since the announcement was made, it looks like their marriage is a wrap.

Are Todd and Christy still married?

Did Todd and Christy have a baby?

Does Christy gibel have a son?

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Christy McGinity Gibel/Sons