Why do my tent poles keep breaking?

A broken tent pole is a painful, but relatively common camping mishap. Causes range from strong winds to poles weakened by age to cheap materials—and sometimes, it’s just plain old wear and tear.

Can you replace shock cord in tent pole?

Before settling down to repair your tent, make sure you have all the materials necessary. You can buy a replacement shock cord at your local camping store, and there are many retailers online as well. You will need: Shock cord (size ⅛” or smaller) with enough length for all of your poles that need to be repaired.

How long does tent shock cord last?

Stored right the shock cord should last at least a few years. One caution to share from a friend’s experience – he stored his tent and other gear in an attic that would heat up more than the rest of the house – definitely reduced the life of elastic cord, PU materials and glues in footwear.

How do you strengthen tent poles?

PVC piping is a simple and cost-effective way to reinforce or replace fibreglass tent poles. Measure the tent pole length and diameter. Choose a PVC pipe with an inside diameter that is greater than the diameter of the existing fibreglass tent pole. Typically 1/2-inch-diameter piping will be sufficient.

Can you fix a tent pole with duct tape?

Stick the duct tape patch over the joint of 2 sections, it does not need to wrap around the whole pole, 1/2 is more then enough and will facilitate removal after. Assemble your tent as normal! When your finished camping, undo the tent, removal the poles and grab those little tabs. They come off super quick – hooray!

Can you fix a broken pop up tent?

Hammer – If your pop-up canopy frame simply has a minor bend in one of the steel legs or support pieces, you may be able to repair your canopy frame with a simple household hammer (no sledgehammer needed).

What can I do with aluminum poles?

Aluminum poles are corrosion-resistant, so their finish lasts longer than steel poles. That means they cost less to maintain. Since they’re made of a lighter material, they’re also easier to unload at the job site. And when aluminum poles have reached the end of their service life, they can be recycled.

Which is the best repair shop for tent poles?

With a dedicated shop and our expertise in tent poles, TentPole Technologies provides quality repair of bent and broken equipment. We carry a wide variety of materials to get your poles working like new.

Can a fiberglass tent be repaired in Vancouver WA?

Vancouver, WA: Sooner or later, tent poles give out. Fiberglass poles crack, aluminum poles crimp and shock cords fray. Armed with your tent’s model name and number, TentPole Technologies can rebuild, repair or replace the poles and get your shelter standing again.

How to repair a broken tent pole at REI?

Using a repair sleeve to fix a broken tent pole is simple: 1 Line up the broken pole sections. 2 If the pole is bent but not fully broken, gently straighten out the bend. 3 Slide the sleeve over the pole end until it’s centered over the break or kink; you might have to use pliers to crimp or a rock to bend splayed pieces

Can a seamstress repair a tent at MSR?

The technicians’ “Tent Bible” includes tent schematic drawings that date back to 1998, and the shop has the pole segments to service many of those tents. Our in-house seamstress can sew in panels, fix mesh rips, and tape replacement panel seams. A seam-sealing service is available for Xtreme Shield fabric tents.