Why is it called 15Five?

15Five gets its name from the habit its tools encourage: setting aside 15 minutes each week to write reports and five minutes to read them. Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and former Sundia CEO Brad Oberwager were among the first to establish the practice, which was pioneered by Esprit founding employee Doug Tompkins.

What is 15Five used for?

15Five is a human-centered performance management platform that creates effective managers, highly engaged employees, and top-performing organizations.

How does 15Five work?

What Is It? Each week as a Container Solutions employee, you’ll be asked to fill out your 15Five, which means candidly answering a few questions. Then, your manager will read and give feedback each week. It’s a continuous practice that will help form the backbone of one-on-one meetings and personal development.

What is a 15Five check in?

15Five automatically saves a draft of your Check-in as you go. This allows you to enter in responses throughout the week as they come up and then submit the Check-in when you’re ready.

What is a 515?

The tool is called a “5-15” and works like this: Each week, everyone on a team spends 15 minutes writing feedback in a templated report sent to the team’s manager. The manager takes five minutes to read and respond to each report, and 15 minutes to collate their own feedback for their manager.

How big is 15five?

It brings the total raised to $42.6 million, but Hassell said that while the valuation is up, the exact number is not being disclosed. (Previous investors in the company have included David Sacks, 500 Startups and Ben Ling.)

Is 15Five anonymous?

Your survey responses are fully anonymous, as is your optional feedback, meaning account administrators will not be able to see how you answered any question(s), will not get notified when you submit your survey, and will not be able to track whether or not you completed the survey.

How do you mark a vacation in 15Five?

Add a vacation for yourself

  1. Click on the Settings menu at the upper right corner of your 15Five account and then click My settings.
  2. Click the ‘Vacations’ tab.
  3. Add your vacation/OOO dates.
  4. Choose which Check-ins you would like to skip during your time out of the office.
  5. Click Add vacation.

Is 15five anonymous?

How do I check in employees?

These tips on ways to check on employees will improve your communication with everyone on your team — those with disabilities and those without.

  1. Be specific in your communication.
  2. Share something about your own experience.
  3. Slow down and take pauses.
  4. Offer support for any work-from-home tools.

What is a weekly check in?

A weekly check-in is a report that kicks off each employee’s weekly priorities, along with a recap of the previous week’s accomplishments and areas for improvement. They can be done in person or virtually, in a team or one-on-one with the manager.

What is lattice company?

Lattice is a people management platform that empowers leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams that inspire winning cultures. With Lattice, it’s easy to launch 360 performance review cycles and engagement surveys, keep track of OKR/goals, gather real-time feedback, and encourage manager 1-on-1 meetings.

What is 15Five and what does it do for You?

15Five is the leading employee communication platform for managers to gain insights into employee progress, and for employees to receive the feedback they need to succeed. This brief, automated weekly process leads to meaningful conversations about everything from how to improve an employee’s role, to the creation of brilliant product innovations.

Do you have to be a customer to use 15Five?

The 15Five app is perfect for remote teams to check-in every week, and for on-the-go managers and executives to know the pulse of their company from anywhere at any time. To use the app, you must already be a customer. Fixed a bug that was causing an erroneous badge to show up on the More icon.

Which is a distinguishing feature of 15Five software?

A distinguishable feature of 15Five is its feedback management. With this feature, users can provide questions to their employees that the latter need to answer. The default questions are said to be methodologically tested but users can customize the questions in accordance with their requirements and company dynamics.

How can I customize my 15Five account?

Customize your personal 15Five account to fit your unique needs. Check-ins, Best-Self Review, 1-on-1s and more—learn how 15Five works.