Why is my Microsoft wireless mouse 1000 not working?

The USB connection may be loose. Try unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in. Plug the mouse into a different USB port. If your mouse is plugged into a USB hub or USB switch box, try removing it and plugging it directly into the computer.

How do I connect my Microsoft wireless mouse?

Turn on your mouse, then follow the instructions to pair it to your PC:

  1. Press and hold the pair button on the bottom of the mouse until the LED light starts to flash (about 5 seconds).
  2. On your Windows 10 PC, select Connect if a notification appears for your mouse, then wait for it to get set up.

How do I reset my Microsoft wireless mouse 1000?

How to Reset a Microsoft Mouse

  1. Locate the reset button.
  2. Using a small pointed object, such as a straight pin or the tip of a ball point pen, push the button and hold it down for three to five seconds.
  3. If resetting a wireless mouse, reset the USB receiver as well to ensure proper functionality.

How do I connect my Microsoft wireless mouse to a different receiver?

Press and hold the “Connect” buttons on the underside of the receiver and the mouse for several seconds. The “Connect” button sets up the wireless connection between the mouse and the receiver.

Why did my wireless mouse suddenly stop working?

Fresh batteries are the cure for many wireless mouse problems. Verify it has been installed, to make your mouse ready to use. If the receiver is plugged in, and you’ve tried all other troubleshooting steps, try moving the receiver to a different USB port, if one is available. USB ports can go bad, making them unusable.

Why is my Microsoft Bluetooth mouse not working?

See if the mouse or keyboard has power: Press the pairing button on your mouse or keyboard for 5-7 seconds, then let the button go. Remove your mouse or keyboard from your PC and pair it again: You’ll need to look for the name of your mouse in the list of Bluetooth devices to remove and pair it again.

How do I make my Microsoft wireless mouse 5000 discoverable?

1) When you power the mouse on, the light on top of the mouse turns on (green). It doesn’t turn on immediately, but takes a second or so. 2) AFTER the light turns green, THEN press and hold the button on the bottom, until the light on top begins blinking green/red, which indicates the mouse is discoverable.

Why does my Microsoft mouse not work?

See if the mouse or keyboard has power: Press the pairing button on your mouse or keyboard for 5-7 seconds, then let the button go. If the light blinks, the mouse has power. If the light doesn’t come on, check or replace the batteries. Use the USB cable that came with the mouse or keyboard to recharge them.

How do you reset a Microsoft wireless mouse?

If the charging light turns red or flashes red after several seconds, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the device from the charging connection.
  2. Turn off the device.
  3. Remove the batteries from the device.
  4. Wipe the batteries by using a clean, soft cloth.
  5. Wait 10 seconds.
  6. Turn on the device.

Can you reprogram a wireless mouse receiver?

It’s possible even in case of no Reconnect button. Link below describes the process. In brief, just plug receiver in, put the mouse near the receiver, switch the mouse on and press any button. It will reconnect in 15 seconds.

What to do if wireless mouse stops working?

If you want to fix your wireless mouse, then the list of troubleshooting tips that follow should help you out.

  1. Replace/Recharge Battery.
  2. Turn On Power Switch.
  3. Be Within Range.
  4. Remove and Plug Again.
  5. Change USB Ports.
  6. Restart Computer.
  7. Remove Other USB Peripherals.
  8. Control Cursor Speed.