Why is my tie dye spotty?

Dye spots or specks are usually caused by one of three things: (1) powder dye was not fully dissolved in water prior to adding to the dye bath or washing machine; (2) the dye was poured directly onto the fabric rather than first being dissolved in water; or (3) the fabric was not agitated or stirred consistently during …

How do you tie dye with multiple colors?

  1. Set up an area for tie-dying the shirts. Place a drop cloth or painter’s plastic on the ground.
  2. Put on your gloves and mix the dyes according to package directions.
  3. Place each colored dye into its own plastic squirt bottle. Set these aside.
  4. Make a soda ash solution if using a washfast dye.

Can you tie dye something twice?

It’s absolutely possible to tie-dye the same shirt twice, in fact, you can dye the same shirt as many times as you want. Once the dye has had time to set you can then rinse your shirt. Once the shirt has been rinsed and the excess dye is removed you can then begin the whole process again for a second round of tie-dye.

Can tie-dye sit too long?

You definitely can let the tie-dye sit for too long, and it can leave you with very unpleasant effects that can ruin your tie-dye creation. We have lived this a lot at our workshop where we would forget a shirt for a few days or we were waiting to test it out.

What is soda ash for tie dye?

Soda Ash dye fixer is a mild alkali that promotes the chemical reaction between Procion MX fiber reactive dyes and cellulose fiber. It is also known as sodium carbonate, washing soda or salt soda. Soda Ash is necessary to activate and set Procion MX dye.

How long are you supposed to let tie dye sit?

2-24 hours
Leave it tied up and leave it alone. Let the fabric sit for 2-24 hours. The longer you can let the fabric sit, the easier it will be to wash out loose dye from the fabric. The length of time you let the fabric sit is not overly critical.

What is soda ash for tie-dye?

How to make spiral tie dye with pictures?

If you can’t, cover your work surface with a plastic tablecloth or several layers of newspaper. Mix 1 cup (598 g) of soda ash with 1 gallon (3.8 L) of warm water. Pour 1 gallon (3.8 L) of warm water into a large bucket, then stir in 1 cup (598 g) of soda ash.

Can you use spiral dye on old shirts?

If the shirt is brand-new, wash it first to remove any coatings that might prevent the dye from adhering. If it’s an older shirt, make sure that it’s clean. You can also use other items, such as sarongs and pillowcases as long as they’re white and 100% cotton. Don’t use colored items, or the dye won’t show up.

What kind of shirt is best to tie dye?

T-shirts are the most popular item to tie dye, but you may be able to use other items too, such as sarongs. Get a white, 100% cotton T-shirt that you want to tie dye. It can be brand-new or an older shirt.

How many colors of tie dye do you need?

How many colors you choose is up to you. Most people stick with 2 colors, but you can use anywhere between 1 and 4 colors. Mix the dye with the amount of water recommended on the package. Each brand of dye will require a different amount of water.