Why was Trisha Goddard Show Cancelled?

Trisha ceased production in 2004, when ITV refused to allow Trisha’s own TV production company, Town House TV, to make future episodes of the show. She decided not to renew her contract and moved to rival broadcaster Channel 5 to present a similar series.

Where is Trisha Goddard now?

Trisha currently lives in Connecticut, USA, after moving to America in 2010. Despite living in America, Trisha regularly makes appearances on British telly. Recent shows include Jeremy Vine, Loose Women and Good Morning Britain.

Where is Tricia Goddard from?

Hackney, London, United Kingdom
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When did Trisha Goddard have cancer?

Trisha was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and warned that her bones would lose strength due to her treatment. “I never really gave osteoporosis or my bone density a thought until it came to my breast cancer treatment,” said Trisha.

What does Trisha Goddard do?

Television presenter
ActorTalk show hostFlight attendant
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Patricia Gloria Goddard (born 23 December 1957) is a British television presenter, actress and host best known for her morning talk show Trisha (1998–2010), which was broadcast on a mid-morning slot on ITV before later being moved to Channel 5.

Is Trisha Goddard a psychologist?

Trisha Goddard was born in 1957 and is a successful television presenter and campaigner for mental health issues. Trisha is open about her history of mental health problems, which were precipitated by multiple personal traumas.

Who is Trisha Goddard husband?

Peter Gianfrancescom. 1998–2018
Mark Greivem. 1993–1999
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What age is Trisha Goddard?

63 years (December 23, 1957)
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What type of breast cancer did Tricia Goddard have?

A spokesman said that after the lump was found, a tumour was removed immediately and doctors took lymph-nodes samples for a biopsy. Initial results were positive, but on Saturday Goddard, a motherof- two, received a detailed report which showed a micro cancer cell present in one of the nodes.

Does Trisha Goddard live in Norfolk?

In 2008 Miss Goddard spoke about her dream Norfolk home. She said: ‘Having money has bought me the house of my dreams. Eight years ago we bought an eight-bedroom country house in Norfolk with two acres for £500,000 – we’ve gutted it. ‘With two interior designers we have designed it with many different décor styles.