Will insurance cover abdominal wall reconstruction?

Most major insurance companies will cover ventral hernia repair. Occasionally, ventral hernia repair may be combined with an abdominal wall contouring procedure, such as a vertical abdominoplasty or liposuction. In this case, the ventral hernia repair is covered by insurance while the abdominal wall portion is not.

How much does abdominal wall reconstruction cost?

The cost for an outpatient AWR rises from US $16,000 to 65,000 and 82,000, in cases of SSI and mesh infection, respectively [4, 7, 8]. Over the last 20 years a great number of innovations both in operative techniques and technologies have revolutionized surgical treatment.

Is abdominal wall reconstruction a tummy tuck?

Reconstruction of the abdominal wall can also be part of a tummy tuck procedure or a panniculectomy that can help to remove stubborn fat or loose skin after weight loss.

Is abdominal wall reconstruction major surgery?

Abdominal wall reconstruction is very complex reconstructive surgery primarily used for hernia repair, scar repair, and repair of previous surgical damage. The abdomen is composed of many layers; tissue, fat, and muscle that protect the internal organs. These layers function as a protecting wall and stabilization.

How long does it take to recover from an abdominal tear?

A mild strain may heal within a few weeks. A more severe strain may take 6 weeks or longer.

How do you fix an abdominal wall hernia?

Hernias are repaired by surgeons. They close the hernia either by pulling the muscles at the edge of the hernia together with stitches (sutures) or by placing synthetic mesh material over the defect.

How long does abdominal wall reconstruction take?

Abdominal wall reconstruction is performed under general anesthesia, which means that the patient will be asleep during the procedure. Depending on the complexity of the diagnosis, this procedure can take two to six hours to complete.

What can I expect after abdominal wall reconstruction?

How long does it take to recover after abdominal wall reconstruction? Swelling, pain, and bruising after surgery, which would subside in a week or two. After 5 to 7 days, patients would usually be able to walk around comfortably. The result may take a few months following surgery in case of major reconstruction.

What is abdominal wall reconstruction surgery?

Abdominal wall reconstruction surgery is an advanced surgical procedure that strengthens a weakened or damaged abdominal muscle and restores the normal function of the abdominal wall. It is a procedure recommended for patients with advanced hernias and requires specialized surgical expertise.

How long does it take for the abdominal wall to heal?

The skin heals fairly quickly, but the deeper tissues take a little bit longer to heal. That’s what takes one or two months. Those tissues are basically what make up your abdominal wall. They’re sewn back together, but then the stitches that we use, the deep sutures, will only hold up so long.

How do you treat a torn abdominal wall?

How to treat an abdominal strain

  1. Cold therapy. Performing cold therapy as soon as possible can help to relieve bleeding, pain, and swelling.
  2. Heat therapy. Using heat therapy can help relax your muscles and relieve tension, which helps reduce pain.
  3. Over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers.
  4. Compression.
  5. Rest.
  6. Exercise.

Does an abdominal tear require surgery?

Grade 2 – Some tearing of fibers in a muscle or tendon. Grade 3 – Ruptured muscle or tendon; severe cases, in which a portion of the bowel may be protruding into the abdominal wall, require surgery to repair. Abdominal wall strain is usually caused by overuse or by an incident that results in injury.

When to have an abdominal wall reconstruction surgery?

Abdominal wall reconstruction may be recommended for patients who experience the following: 1 Recurrent hernias 2 Incisional hernia 3 Infection that develops after a surgery 4 Wound that develops after a hernia repair More

What’s the difference between a hernia and abdominal wall reconstruction?

Ajita Prabhu: So, hernia versus abdominal wall reconstruction. A typical hernia repair may involve either an operation through small incisions, or it might be an open incision where there’s a larger incision made on the abdominal wall. It may be a simple operation where a piece of mesh is placed to reinforce the abdominal wall.

Can a hernia on the belly wall be repaired?

Essentially, the larger the hole gets, the harder it is to fix. The goal of abdominal wall reconstruction is to get the muscles back together over a big piece of mesh and reinforce that entire repair. Scott Steele: So, I’m a patient. How can I tell that I have a hernia on my belly wall that would need some type of repair?

What are the functions of the abdominal wall?

The muscles of the abdominal wall stabilize the torso and aid in vital functions such as respiration and urination. Sometimes, the abdominal wall can become weakened due to the formation of complex hernias and the return of a previously repaired hernia.