Every now and then, it’s important to add some spice to your look. You want to remain fashion-forward and upgrading your look just a little bit can truly go a long way. Restore your passion for fashion and spice up your look in 2022. Here are some ideas to add that spice to your wardrobe this year.


Add More Glamour

Playing up accessories is an easy way to spice up your look. If you don’t usually wear accessories, shift to a more accessory-focused fashion sense. This could mean adding more jewelry or accent pieces like scarves, tote bags, and metallic belts.

Even blue-light blocking glasses could add a trendy edge to your look. Whatever accessories make you feel stylish, go with those, and shine! Adding in just a bit more glamour than you usually do can make all the difference and give your fashion that boost you need.


Change Your Aesthetic

If you’ve been dressing consistently based on one particular look, it’s time to make some changes. Currently, the 80s and 90s fashion trends are having a comeback. Get reacquainted with classic favorites like womens bodysuits and spandex shorts.

Don’t forget your scrunchies and your fanny pack! If you’d rather Come As You Are, throw on your favorite grungy flannel and rock out in style. Modern takes on classic grunge and goth are also in style. Look for fashion inspiration from icons like Avril Lavigne, and rock your black pants with pastel pinks and purples for a modern twist.


Shop For Classic Styles

Upgrade your look by looking for classic styles at vintage, second hand stores. You never know what you’ll find at sustainable retail Ecommerce stores! Seek classic items like vintage leather jackets, fringe vests, and old-school cowboy boots!

You can blend old classics with modern twists by creating outfits based on these classic style combinations. The best part? You’re shopping sustainably and spicing up your look at the same time. Talk about a win-win.


Play With Hair Accessories

Don’t overlook the importance of hair accessories. Throw on a paisley headband or look for a new hairstyle to sport with your new looks. You might even go Old Hollywood and wear a big floppy hat by the pool or out and about at farmers’ markets.

Have fun playing up your hair accessories. Show off your smooth skin by putting your hair in a messy bun and dress it with some hair clips. Even a metal clip can do wonders for your look! Channel those early 2000s vibes and get ready to look too cool for school.


Get New Shoes

Spice up your look by upgrading your footwear. Get rid of the same old shoes you’ve worn forever and start fresh with a new collection. Get new kicks, pumps, and everything in-between. Style your way to a new you with modern footwear options that were made to impress.

Look for durable materials when shopping for winter boots so that they’ll last you a while. You want a variety of shoes, but you also want to make sure they’re worth buying in the first place! Shop the shoe brands you trust to make the most of your purchases and to enjoy your footwear for years to come.


The Bottom Line

Spice up your look this year by welcoming new takes on classic trends. Shop sustainably whenever you can and look for a mix of fashion options that reflect your style and personality. Consider the above suggestions. For inspiration, remember that spicing up your look can be as simple as adding a bit of sparkle into your daily outfits! Now, get styling, fashionista!