5 Ways to Boost Product Page Conversions

Currently, there are around 1,197,982,359 websites across the internet! And thanks to the widespread use of ideas like digitalization, this figure is only expected to witness a spike with every passing moment. But when you search on the web regarding the number of websites that have made it to the top and stood out among billions of other websites – the figures you ultimately derive might not be that fascinating.

A part of the many reasons why most websites fail to succeed is because of their poor product page conversion rate. In fact, a research just revealed that across multiple industries, the average product page conversion rate is as low as 2.35% only!

Hate to say this but as per the stats, chances are that your website is also amongst those that are struggling to increase their product page conversion rate. So, here’s enlisting 5 ways through which you can boost your product page conversions. Let’s begin:

1. Photographs do a lot of talking

The first impression is the last impression – true do they say! Trust me, sometimes all that you need to do to boost your product page conversion rate is invest in hiring a professional photographer for your website. The reason behind this is pretty simple.

Professional, crisp, and high-quality photographs and videos of the product leave a lasting first impression on the viewer and somewhat succeed at indirectly fetching customer faith. In fact, most of the time it is seen that random visitors convert to customers because a photograph appalled them. So, do you still need an easier way to get those stats up?

2. Describe your product in the right manner

The first and most important thing you must keep in mind is that websites that are appealing, are also the ones that make stellar progress. Consumers these days are not naïve. They know what they want and thanks to the plethora of options available, if your website fails to stand out, it will take them five minutes at max to find the second-best alternative.

So, product descriptions cannot be taken lightly. You must not leave any stone unturned in describing your product in a way that speaks volumes to the customers. The best you can do in this aspect is conduct a full-blown A/B testing using screenshots archive. They really help you to know which design and content suit you the best.

3. Work on improving the website’s speed

Time to get a little technical! You will be shocked to find out just how many of your prospective customers bid adieu to your site – all because it lags! Let’s get it straight – nobody likes to stick to the landing page and wait for minutes on end for the other pages to get downloaded.

In a world where smartphones have made even the most complex tasks momentary, remaining stuck on a website is so yesterday! So, this may sound cliché, but if you take out time to diligently work on improving your website’s and CTA tab’s speed – your product page conversion rate will really cease to topple. Remember, swiftly functioning websites are always a hit!

4. Add product reviews

This is a proven fact – products with customer reviews boost a 10% higher conversion rate than those without. And the reason why the conversion rate increases so much with just a few product reviews is kind of self-explanatory. Reviews and testimonials, again, help in gaining public faith.

Moreover, when the prospective customer becomes sure about the fact that the review is genuine, he actually relies on it and makes the purchase. So, make sure you add product reviews given by your past customers. With such high conversion rates at stake, you probably would not want to miss out on this specific tip.

5. The scarcity tactic

Last but never least, the scarcity principle is a huge hit among e-commerce websites for increasing product page conversions.

The moment you get to know that there is just one piece remaining of the item you just added to the cart, no matter how worse the ‘second thoughts’ hit you, most times you will end up hitting the purchase button.

This proves just how wonderful and fruitful this tactic is. No wonder many websites use this trick to increase their conversion rates – it indeed is a game-changer.

Over to you…

Increasing the product page conversion rate is one of the most important tasks to highlight if a website really wishes to thrive in the market. Here, we cited 5 ways to boost product page conversions. Follow this guide to reach new highs in terms of product page conversions.